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  • The success of bariatric surgery is dependent on the individual’s ability to make long-term adjustments in their eating habits, behavior, and exercise. It is evident that patients who have bariatric surgery reap significant benefits once those adjustments are made. Many of the risks associated with surgery in general, as well as specific weight loss procedures, are reduced when you have your procedure performed by a professional weight loss surgeon. Advantages of Bariatric surgery Bariatric surgery has a number of health benefits, and the weight loss that ensues is a significant accomplishment.

  • What is a healthy lifestyle? Have you ever pondered over this simple question? Well, you might have at some point in life or probably heard about it from others around you. But here in this blog, you will get the healthy lifestyle tips and realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle as a blessing. A healthy lifestyle is well-known to include a well-balanced diet, frequent physical activity, and appropriate sleep. For many people, though, this appears to be an insurmountable obstacle. The temptation to eat sweet foods, fast food, caffeine, and alcohol

  • Feeling helpless because you can't seem to complete even the most basic tasks on a regular basis? Are you suffering from several health issues as a result of your excessive weight? Well, there might be thousands of reasons to worry about being obese. But we have the one proven solution for all worries which can change your lives forever. What Is Obesity? Obesity is a debilitating chronic disease that is spreading over the globe. Obesity is a serious health issue leading to a variety of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and different

  • Numerous urban legends and misinformation campaigns have distorted the reality of obesity. Despite decades of study and examinations, many people remain ignorant about the fundamental causes of obesity. Society has embraced a misconception of obesity that needs to be dispelled for bringing a revolution. Even though many people don’t understand anything regarding obesity and weight reduction, they tend to propagate myths and fallacies that are extremely destructive. It is vital to eliminate the myths surrounding obesity. This article will decipher 5 of the most frequent myths regarding this chronic disease. The most

  • Constipation can be defined as fewer than usual bowel movements per week. Generally, it is taken less than three times per week. The longer the bowel takes to empty, the more water gets absorbed, and the stools get hardened. Hence, constipation worsens. Usually, constipation may be caused in normal individuals, which is temporary. Regular bowel movements vary in every individual; therefore, before taking any step for preventing and treating constipation, one should be sure of his everyday bowel habits.  Constipation is a side effect of bariatric surgery as you may not

  • Obesity is a disease with an accumulation of excess and unwanted fats in the body. It is not only a cosmetic concern but also a significant risk factor for diseases like diabetes type two, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, depression, etc. The World Obesity Federation has defined obesity as: "Obesity is a complex, misunderstood, serious and chronic disease that requires prevention and management in society irrespective of age, gender or race." The Asian population has been facing the epidemic of obesity and its disease-related burdens of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

  • Bariatric surgery is a recognized and effective method for weight loss. For individuals who have tried all other ways to lose weight and still don't get the desired results, bariatric surgery is the option. Bariatric surgery provides a long-term and efficient way of weight loss. There is a criterion set for those qualifying for bariatric surgery procedures. Who is this surgery for? The following criteria should be met for this surgical procedure:         BMI of or more than 37.5kg/m2         BMI of more than

  • Walking is an ideal type of activity that can help weight reduction and give other medical advantages. In any case, contrasted and different kinds of exercise, numerous individuals do not see walking as viable or productive for weight reduction. Roughly 2 million deaths each year are credited to actual idleness, as indicated by the World Wellbeing Association. Inactive ways of life can be ascribed to incalculable medical issues, including the expanded danger of cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, stoutness, and sadness. If you are attempting to deal with your weight, walking can be

  • What is a weight loss plateau? Weight loss after bariatric surgery differs in its rate. Initially, there is a rapid decrease in weight, while there may seem to be a stall later on. Every individual will experience this weight-loss plateau while trying to lose weight. This is not something to be discouraged. There are many ways to deal with the problem of the weight-loss plateau. Why is there a weight loss plateau? The cause for the weight loss plateau is essential to note as almost all people find it very frustrating while not

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Underweight Less than 18.5
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Overweight 23.6 to 27.5
Obesity Class 1 (Obesity) 27.6 to 32.5
Obesity Class 2 (Serious Obesity) 32.6 to 37.5
Obesity Class 3 (Severe /Morbid Obesity) 37.6 or higher