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Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback


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“I had Laparascopic Cholecystectomy 3 days ago. Today i came for follow up. Feeling good. Fully recovered. Dr Tanvir has been very humble and cooeprative.”

Haniya Shariq

“Best bariatric surgeon in Karachi. And the most humble person. The post surgery results are unbelievable . MASHAALLAH”

Sehrish Sehar

“It was a great expirence with Dr Tanveer and team,I started my weight loss journey from 90 kg and after surgery today is 12 day and I lost 7kg,I am very hopeful for results .thanks Dr tanveer and team for life changing treatment.”

Zarina Nawaz

“Best bariatric surgeon in Karachi. A very humble doctor with very cooperative team.”

Isbah Sarfaraz

“I m glad to meet Dr Tanveer,it’s been over a month that I took my surgery from Dr Tanveer and results are good so far,I must say that Dr Tanveer has been great source of motivation and excellent performance from sir and his team,the best part is they are always available for your concerns at one call.”

Bushra Shahrukh

“He definitely know what he is doing. Honest and very professional.
It’s been 3 months my weight was 248 lbs when I got the surgery now I am at 200 lbs.
And he is very responsive. Even after surgery is done he will answer your questions and address your concerns.

Ammar Ramzanali

“I got my bariatric surgery done by Dr. Tanvir one month back and it’s safe to say that I am noticing a major change in my weight and my lifestyle.”

Ambreen Mobin

“Five Star”

Seema Qureshi

“I am from Saudi Arabia. I Lost 40 kgs in 10 months after my sleeve gastrectomy from Dr Tanvir Raazi. Its a life changing surgery I pray for long life of Dr Tanvir as he has changed my life. The team is very cooperative too.”

Kulsoom Rasheed

“I am Razia Jamshed. 3 months pehle meri sleeve surgery howi thi. 30 kilo Kam Howa ha. Har cheez behtar hogai ha uthna bethna leitna Sona. Kapre dhele hogaye hain. Ma boht Khush Hun.”

Razia Jamshaid

“I am Muhammad Javed Molani, my bariatric surgery done 58 days back in Doctors obesity clinic by Dr. Tanveer Raazi Ahmed who is very experienced, skillful and a very patient-centered doctor. He is an expert in hi field. He was very co-operative during my surgery and is still looking after me responsibly
I lost my 17 kgs after surgery which has also cured my diabetes and hypertension. He always reassured me and guided me briefly whenever I consulted him.
His team is also very skillful and professional and has always helped me. I am satisfied with my surgery and treatment and I am losing my weight efficiently.”

 Javed Molani

“For years, I fought a losing battle with my weight. Turning 20 in 2010, my body seemed to be against me, with hormonal imbalances, PCOs, and insulin resistance. I tried it all: crash diets, workout challenges, and strict dieting, but I could never drop more than 10 kgs. Eventually, I started to believe that maybe this was just how I was meant to be.

Everything changed in May 2023. I was still struggling with my weight, now at 90 kgs. That’s when a Spanish friend told me about gastric sleeve surgery and its miraculous results. Excited, I started looking up bariatric surgeons, first in Dubai. After meeting some and even their patients, I found hope again. The doctors were clear: I needed surgery soon to avoid serious health issues due to my weight.

Surprisingly, my Spanish friend suggested getting the surgery done in Pakistan, claiming they had the best surgeons. So, I planned a trip for June 2023. Online, I found the Doctor Obesity Clinic and got in touch with Beenish, who made the daunting idea of surgery seem simple. I flew into Karachi on May 31, 2023, and went straight to Pasha Hospital for my pre-surgery tests.

Beenish was a gem, helping me through each step. Meeting Dr. Tanveer, I felt an instant trust, a gut feeling that I was doing the right thing. On June 1, 2023, the surgery took place. It was tough, but Saira and the hospital staff, along with shift doctors, were vigilant in keeping me alive and kicking. They ensured I was breathing, walking, drinking water, and doing my breathing exercises hourly. Their dedication was phenomenal, helping me regain my strength to stand on my own feet again. The pain subsided with time and following Dr. Tanveer’s expert advice, I watched in awe as my weight began to drop. In 6 months, I went from 88.34 kgs to 70 kgs, with a new goal of 58 kgs set by Dr. Tanveer. Their encouragement and care made all the difference, making each step towards my target weight achievable. I’m disciplined, focused, and determined to reach it.

This journey has been more than just a fight with the scale; it’s been about transformation and support. Dr. Tanveer, Beenish, Saira, and the entire team didn’t merely perform a surgery; they orchestrated a revival of my health and spirit. Their unwavering support and guidance have been the cornerstones of this life-changing path. I’m not only shedding weight but also rediscovering a zest for life. The gratitude I feel for Dr. Tanveer, Beenish, and the hospital staff is boundless. They were the push I desperately needed, and now, I’m confidently striding towards a future I once thought was impossible.”

 Sofia Ehsan

“I am from Quetta. I had mini gastric bypass operation 11 days ago from Dr Tanvir. I have lost 5 kg weight and am feeling much better. Today I went back there. InshaAllah you will lose weight and end sugar. Dr Tanvir and his team have taken great care of me. Thank you.”

 Shazia Ramzan

“My name is Dr Mumtaz. I had my Hernia surgery last year from Dr Tanvir. Then this week i had my Laparoscopic cholecystectomy with him. Both experiences were very good. He is an outclass surgeon and a very humble Doctor. My surgeries went super smooth and recovery was very good. As a doctor myself I adore Dr Tavir and his team.”

 Dr Mumtaz Sami

“Excellent experience with doctor Tanveer it’s life changing after my surgery from Doctor obesity clinic, Dr SB and team are very supportive and responsive take feedback on regular basis after your surgery.

Highly recommended to all overweight persons to visit once and consulted with Dr.Tanveer.

Best wishes for Dr SB and his team.”

 Khurram Hussain Khan

“This is the best clinic for Bariatric Surgeries in Karachi. Best team and the most wonderful Doctor. I have seen the transformations of this clinic. Amazing job. Highly recommended.”

 Hannah Nishan

اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ
My name is Iffat Ghaffar i am a patient of Dr.Tanveer Raazi Ahmad before surgery my weight was 107 Kg now Alhamdulillah my weight is 52 kg
It has been 4 years and 3 months since my surgery of Gastric Bypass. Before the surgery, I had many diseases If it is said that there was a disease that I did not have, then it will not be wrong.High sugar, high blood pressure, knees used to be painful, I had also had angina arch due to weight, so someone told me about Dr. Tanveer Razi Ahmed. When we went to the doctor, he said that all your diseases will be cured, I didn’t believe it at all.
His way of talking and I am sure that after Delana’s surgery, all the diseases will be gone. I was not sure that there are miracles even during this period, but God and Dr. Tanveer have done it. All my insurances will be gone. Claims for every disease Before the surgery I used to take many medicines, after the surgery I don’t take any medicine for any disease
Dr. Tanveer’s staff is very good and takes care of every patient very well
Dr. Tanveer is such a good person that he keeps in touch with every patient all the time ,
Dr. Tanveer is an angel in the form of a doctor ,
Dr. Tanveer brings people to life who are disappointed with their life. May Allah grant Dr. Tanveer long life and good health. Ameen.
I have no words to thank them.
“Thank you, Dr. Tanveer. May you live thousands of years and fifty thousand days of every year.

 Ifat Ghaffar

“Getting my gastric sleeve done was the best decision till now. I use to have so much issues due to my weight physically and mentally.. but just after 6months my life has turned upside down.. getting it done from worlds best Doctor and his team.. can’t thank you enough Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed and your team…”

 Naziha Naz

“I had my mini gastric bypass 3 months ago. I lost 20 kgs. Very happy with my results. Doctor Tavir and his team is amazing. This was a life changing decision for me.”

 Ayesha Akhtar

“I had my gastric sleeve surgery almost 2 months ago and i already lost 11 kgs which is a big achievement for me before surgery was suffering from depression, fatty liver , shoty breathing, knee pain blood pressure . I am so happy that i went through this surgery . Before surgery i did alot of research then i saw this youtube channel doctor obesity clinic i saw alot of videos on weight loss surgery which helped me alot . Dr Tanvir Raazi Ahmed did my councilling by himself he sit with me hours . Dr Tanvir is not only the best surgeon but also the best human being thank you so much”

Ainee Ahmed

“My sister had sleeve gastrectomy seven months ago lost 46 kg her life have changed Amazingly. Dr Tanvir had done his magic. We are very happy for this decision.”

Sara Rehan

“I was 145 kg now I m 94kg after my mini gastric bypass from Dr Tanvir Raazi. I myself is Doctor and very happy with my result and surgery experience overall. Doctor Obesity Clinic is highly recommended”

Dr M Hanif

“My wife lost 12 kg after her gastric sleeve surgery from Doctor Tanvir Raazi. Very happy with the progress. Her blood pressure has gone and knee pain has decreased tremendously. Recommended for every one who has weight problem and co morbids. The team and Doctor are superb 🙂”

Tariq Jawed

“I had gotten my surgery back in November after being inspired by my husband who underwent the surgery in Feb earlier last year. Trust me it was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. Being obese had become a hindrance in my day to day activities. I used to get tired really easily and usually didn’t feel like performing any day to day task. There came a point where I couldn’t pray while standing up and had to resort to praying with the help of a chair. Not only that, I suffered from chronic hypertension and diabetes as well.
Fast forward to now, four months after my surgery I have lost 12-13 kgs and the numbers on the scale are just going down! I no longer have to take any medication to control my blood pressure and sugar level and can even pray while standing up again!
I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery and would also recommend it to others who are tired of being obese and wish to get active and fresh all over again!”

Hanzala Khan

“I had my Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy done by Dr Tanvir Raazi Ahmad a month ago. Recovery was pretty smooth. No pain after surgery. I walked right after I was shifted to my room. Dr Tanvir and his team did an awesome job. Highly recommended.”

Umme Mawiya

میں حنا آصف بریاٹرک سرجری کے بعد میری زندگی آسان ہوگئی کیوں کے اس سرجری سے پہلے مجھے بہت سی بیماریاں تھی۔ جیسے ہائی بلڈ پریشر ، شوگر، جوڑوں میں درد ، سانس کا پھولنا، مسلسل جسم کا سست رہنا ، رات میں نیند نہ آنا۔
لیکن اس سرجری کے بعد (الحَمدُ اللّٰہ) یہ ساری تکلیفیں ختم ہوگئی ہیں۔ جس کی وجہ سے میں اور میری فیملی بہت خوش ہیں۔ ڈاکٹر نے مجھے اس آپریشن میں بہت سپورٹ کیا ۔ جس کی وجہ سے میں پوری ٹیم کی شکر گزار ہوں۔

Hina Asif

“I had my surgery 11 months ago. I was 250 pounds at the time of my surgery, and I have now lost 90 pounds. However the weight loss is just a happy side effect of the surgery, because for me the other benefits of the surgery are so much better than the weight loss.
* I couldn’t pray properly and had to use a chair. I hadn’t been able to do a proper “sajda” in 4 years. Now I pray properly.
*I couldn’t bend down to put on my socks or even tie the shoelaces on my sneakers.
*I used to get severely out of breath climbing up stairs, now I can go up multiple flights of stairs without a problem.
* I had no energy to do anything, I was always napping and tired , now I feel I am up and ready to go for a lot of activities.
*My periods were irregular and painful, now they are regular and a lot easier.
*I had started to develop severe knee pain, it is completely gone now.
*I was borderline diabetic, and was constantly getting sick. That is also better.
*I couldn’t buy anything nice from the stores, (size 18+), now I can shop from any store (size 8-10)

This surgery has taken me back 20 years and taken away all the negatives that I had assumed were just part of getting older.
So as I said, the weight loss is a Happy side effect… The bigger win is the positive effects this has had on my health. I used to tell people that I am already 41 years OLD… now I tell people, I am only 42.
Life is good. Alhamdolillah”

Sadaf M

“I had gastric gastric sleeve in September 2022. I weighed 188kg and I was miserable. I run my own business and all I wanted to feel comfortable and sleep well. I had to use various medicines for body pain. It hurt to even walk around with friend everyday. Just eight months later, I am a new me! I lost over 50 kgs and I feel fantastic! I can do my job all day long and still have energy for my hobbies. Dr. Tanvir and his staff are very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend Dr Obesity Clinic to anyone that is ready to change their life.”

Ahmedullah Khan

“I am Dr Abad Ahmed Khan MBBS-RMP-Masters in Endocrinology Diabetology Practicing in Karachi for last 35 years. I was born obese as it was my hereditary problem. I tried hard many time to loose my weight conventional method as per medical guideline (taking low calories + consume more calories) But I lost my weight many times hardly but could not maintain it as this method require life time working. Then I developed high blood pressure and became prediabetic and was prone to be cardiac patient. Due to my obesity I was unable to walk and stand even for short time and even it was difficult to pay prayer in standing position. Then I decided to go for Bariatric Surgery and consulted Dr Tanvir Raazi Sahib and my surgery was done by him in Jan 2022- Sleeve gastrectomy. Now after Surgery there was sudden and pleasant change in my life. I lost about 80 kg of my weight till now in one year most of that in first six months. Surgery was very easy to go through It was Laparoscopic (only four holes were made in abdomen) First day of surgery was a bit painful but I was able to resume my practice/clinic from third day of my surgery and was driving my car as well. Dr Raazi Ahmad Sahib is my mohsin who with grace of God has given me a new version of my life, He is very kind and expert in his field. Now I feel very energetic/can walk long/can stand still long and lost special that I can and I am praying all the prayers like others can do. One thing which I regret about this surgery that I made this decision quite late as I m 50 year old. It should be done earlier to enjoy my life at maximum but it is even not so late as I feel my self more younger as my age. After this surgery a person can eat everything but in a discipline way and in a limited amount. I called it forced restriction of diet as you can take everything but in a limited amount which continuously results in your weight loss naturally and you feel better and better . I am quite happy and blessed by almighty Allah who let created this surgery/surgeon as we have become hopeless. Thank God. Thank Medical Science / surgeon /his team.”

Dr Abaad Ahmad

“Doctor Tanvir is an extremely professional and very empathetic doctor. He will guide you like a father, big brother, or a son and his team is very efficient and once you decide to go there they will make sure the best service is provided to you and your satisfaction is their top priority. My weightless journey was not easy, but again, nothing is easy in this world but I’m very happy alhumdulliah. My lifestyle changed for better. My health is improving day by day and I can’t thank Doctor sb enough for it.”

Javeria Z

“I started my weight loss journey at 92 kgs. This was me at my highest when I came to Dr Tanvir, after decades of yo-yo dieting, gyming, failed lifestyle changes and what not. To give some background I have been working in the corporate sector for the past 10-11 years and have had a fairly sedentary lifestyle, I have chronic obesity in my family and I had reached a point where my weight had not only impacted my social life but also my self-confidence. I now stand at 65kgs and I feel the massive impact I have had is on my mobility. I can move easily, I can pray easily, I can climb stairs, I can sit easily. I also have considerable improvement in my migraines, something that affected my quality of life to the extend that I took painkillers daily. I had abnormally high insulin resistance and was on the verge of diabetes. I do not take any pills or medications as of today, and if there is a word to describe that for someone who went from taking 3,4 pills daily to none today – a miracle.

My surgery experience was smooth and I cannot be more grateful to Dr Tanvir’s nursing staff that was so unbelievably kind and supportive. The post-procedure support system is what helped me change my food choices, evolve my lifestyle. The constant accountability will urge to get back on track every time you falter. I’m not sure there is any other place in the city where I would find such a strong medical support system in the city. I think the biggest gift I have given myself is opting for this surgery, and I am glad I came across a Dr that was personally invested in the patient’s progress. I might as well add I have had 3 ppl opt for surgery through Dr Tanvir, and with each progressive case, my confidence in him has only grown with time. If there is any female that’s reading this review and is still unsure about taking the plunge, please do yourself a favour and go for it. You will NOT REGRET IT.”

Tooba Tariq Butt

“My 1 year review after surgery
I got my surgery at 35 years of age .
My BMI was 36.2
My weight at that time was 82.6 kg
At 1 year my weight is 54.4kg
Making a weight loss of 28 kgs .
I believe that getting a bariatric consultation and surgery has been the best decision of my life .
In terms of my health and wellbeing . I was prediabetic and had hyperinsulinemia / PCOS . These issues have resolved .
I’m much more mobile , physically and mentally fit .
I am grateful to Dr Tanveer and his team for their guidance and efforts”

Aafia Tariq Butt

“AOA My overall experience with Dr  Tanvir Raazi and his team was excellent. They answer all my logical/illogical questions. My hosp stayed was good. All nursing staff were very caring and cooperative at Pasha hosp. I have lost around 18 kg in 6 months. Although it’s slow, i am more than happier with this. I deep heartily thank Dr. Tanveer Raazi and his entire team, wish them more success in his work. Ameen.”

Salima Lalani

“I’m a 33 year old man who has always struggled with body image issues. I’ve lost weight multiple times through different diets and workouts but always ended up gaining it back. For years, I thought of going through the Gastric Bypass procedure but I was always scared of the surgeries and stuff. I was abroad for my studies for 4 years, during that time my weight had increased exponentially because I didn’t have enough time to look after myself.

Finally, in October 2021, I decided to get my bariatric surgery done from Dr. Tanveer Razi. After my pre-surgery tests, I got to know I was suffering from borderline diabetes and severe liver damage due to the fat around it. I had more reasons to get the surgery done.

I would like to clarify here that this surgery is not some magic and there’s a lot of pain and sacrifice involved. You will have to learn to live with your new stomach and it’s different for everyone. Some things will work for you while other might not. You will learn about your bariatric lifestyle with time and patience.

When I got the surgery done on 13th of November 2021 when I was 144kgs and today is 6th of June 2022 and I’m down to 95kgs. Just after a month of my bariatric surgery I started working out at the gym, which is extremely important to retain and build muscle. Since you’ll be losing weight at a fast rate, you’ll end up with a lot of loose skin, you need to workout to keep your body in shape and retain your strength.

Dr. Tanveer, Beenish and their staff have been with me at every step from the pre-surgery tests till date. They keep checking up on me every now and then which feels really good as they genuinely care about their patients even after months of the surgery. There’s a dedicated support group on WhatsApp for all their clients where we seek help, discuss our issues and concerns, share our stories and tips.

This journey has been a rollercoaster ride for me but I have never felt better. I’m losing weight and gaining confidence with each day. Just remember that this procedure is not the ultimate cure but only a tool to reach your goal. You’ll still need to workout and take care of your diet. These days I’m eating almost everything but I know what’s my priority and where do I need to stop.

I’d like to thank Dr. Tanveer and his amazing team for helping me and changing my life. I finally have a very healthy relationship with food and my body. Alhamdulillah. 

Abdul Waheed

“Hello , ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Moona here🙋‍♀️
i had gastric sleeve surgery on 27th dec 2022 !
I was 120 when i had this surgery and its been just a month i already lost 8 kgs, i m so blessed i did not face any nausea or Vomiting ,
I had severe knee pain before for which i took several pain killers in a day and had HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ALSO ,
But after surgery my bp is normal and i did not had single medicine , Alhumdullilah,
he is so professional and he exactly know what he is doing, very helpfull and friendly listen all your stories ,answer all your questions before and after this surgery no matter you ask same questions thousand times and he will reply you thousand times with a big smile ,He’s been so kind,
And the staff Ms Beenish , Ms Alizah are so helpful and easy to communicate ❤️
5 stars ⭐️ To this team
Who helping so many people and give them all the confidence they deserve!

Moona Khan

“I used to feel very uncomfortable and in-confident because of my weight, I was having around 70 kgs, being overweight I was worried about my attire because I was unable to wear same outfit 2nd or 3rd time. Gaining of weight (obesity), it’s a serious problem, you have to face many challenges and problems, and it increases time to time in shape of different types of diseases. After discussion and got consultation from Doctors, I decided to get it overcome. I got my bariatric surgery done from Dr. Tanveer in Pasha Hospital PECHS on 28 September 2022, seriously this team is professional, friendly and supportive all the time, they communicated me all the if and buts, and finally now I am 54kgs within very short span of time. Thanks to Dr. Tanvir and brilliant team.

Fouzia Kamran

“My weight before the surgery was 162.2kg. I had my surgery on 20th oct 2021. Its been almost 14 months now and I stand at 100kg give or take. I m 182cm tall.

I had known about bariatric surgery for about 5 years now but I always thought that I would take the weight off using traditional methods. I tried everything. Hitting the gym 2 times a day, trying all types of different diet plans etc. I even tried only having water and no food for almost 2 weeks because i got so desperate and fed up because of all the weight. But unfortunately they were all short term solutions. To maintain my target weight required me to stay consistent which is easier said than done because I couldn’t just put my life on hold and dedicate all my energy to weight loss. Being overweight had other indirect effects too. The biggest ones were being depressed and lack of motivation to do anything in life. I’d finally had enough and decided to get the surgery. My family was hesitant at first but I’d convinced them that the pros outweighed the cons (no pun intended). After visiting a few other surgeons, we decided to go with Dr. Tanvir Raazi. It was the way he answered all of my mothers’ concerns about the procedure that made us choose him.

The procedure went without any hiccups Alhamdullilah. I experienced major pain in the first few days after the surgery but it wasn’t something I couldn’t handle because I knew even back then that my life was going to change for the better. And it did. Not only do I look better, i feel fantastic. I feel as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders (ok that pun was intended). So much has changed after I lost all the weight. So many little things that people do and take for granted like going up the stairs, fitting in the clothes they like, being comfortable in their own skin, I can do all that now. There has been a huge surge of confidence in myself i’ve experienced. And thats all thanks to this sugery and Dr. Tanvir.

I would like to say that if someone out there is morbidly obese and has tried all the avenues to shed all the excess weight, research about bariatric surgery. You might find that its something thats life changing and in some cases may also save lives as with excess weight comes greater risk of other diseases too. I myself was pre diabetic and if I hadn’t taken action, it would’ve evolved into diabetes.

Thank you for changing my life Dr. Tanvir, Beenish and the whole team at the clinic. You guys are life changers and any amount of praise for you guys will not be enough.

Gazain Naeem

“Assalam O Alaikum my name is Zareen. I got sleeve Gastric surgery. I started off with 105 kgs and almost 3 months later. I am standing at 90 kgs Alhumduillah. It indeed was a major life changing decision for me. But once I started seeing the results weigh wise and health wise, I am very satisfied and thankful to Allah and to Dr. Tanvir and team. Dr. Tanvir has been a great support and all along.

Zareen Abbas

“My name is Mrs. Rafiq, I am 55 years old. From last few years my weight was increasing day by day because of this I got several problems like arthritis, cholesterol, uric acid, blood pressure and sugar on the borderline. Because of all this problems I was facing difficulties while walking. Then I find Dr. Tanveer Raazi he guided me best about the surgery. After taking guidance I made a decision to go for surgery on 7 Dec 2022, it was a great experience, my problems are almost finish and weight is also losing with time. Thank you Dr. Tanvir Alhamdulillah!

Mrs Rafiq

“My name is Nazish Ali I’m 30 Before marriage my weight was 55 but after marriage my weight started to increase. I was suffering from stress,sarvicle, harmonal issues, and a lot. Then one day I found out about the biotic surgery after doing some research I discovered about Dr Tanveer Raazi. We had 2 meetings it was decided that I will have a sleeve surgery. Before the surgery I had 87 Kg weight. After 3 months of the surgery I noticed that I lost a lot of weight, now I have 81 kg weight. Mashallah now most of my diseases are cured and I’m back in my shape. I’m so satisfied and I would suggest others who are also suffering from the same condition.

Nazish Ali

“Assalamualiakum m n gastric sleeve surgery karai hai Dr tanvir s 6 months hogai hai pehle mera weight 82 tha ab 60 hai aur abhi aur kam horha hai. mera weight lose nhi hota tha har diet Try ki gym join kya sab kuch kiya phir bhi weight lose nhi hota tha mujhe pcos tha vitamin d deficiency tha. Mujhe hair loss ka masla tha unwanted hair thea. Zyada kaam nhi kar pati thi. Surgery k ek mahine bd he mere Ander bohot changes agai.

Mahira S

“My experience with Dr Tanvir and all the other stuff especially the bariatric Coordinator was beyond amazing. He guided me thru out and quality of life has improved for me 100%. I am so happy and satisfied with everything. Would totally recommend

Ammara K B

“Assalamualaikum my name is Samira Noman. At start it was pretty hard for me and my family to believe in such a thing where people used to say that sleeve surgery helps you in weight loss and get back to healthy life for which my husband was not ready at all. But then me being me i had this feeling that this is a way out and asked him to let me do it. Before getting into this, Dr.Tanvir asked me to get my tests done. Before going into the surgery i was so nervous to share this with my family aswell. After the operation i had extreme nausea( vomits) because of which i was stressed and doc also was pretty worried for my condition. In beginning the immediate two weeks were a bit new routine as in what to eat what not to eat, measurements and all but then gradually after few visits i saw progress and betterment in my health. And now Alhamdullilah it’s been three months now and i feel so much better as obviously now it gets easy to walk with less weight before it was really tough to even take 10 steps and eventually it would result in hyper heart beat and my legs being in pain which demotivated me for long walks. My friends and my relatives are really happy to see me and come back to life. Finally it will be an honor to say that all the credit goes to Doctor Tanvir who is not just a doctor but also a friend in need.

Samira Noman

“Alhamdulillah main bahut mutmain Hoon doctor Sahab say, mera operation 17 Nov 2022 ko ha surgery , operation se pahle doctor Sahab ne mere Sara doubts clear kiya aur Mujhe samjhaya ki Mujhe yah operation kyon karvana chahie app operation ka bad bhi high blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar border per thi Jo ab khatm ho chuki hai ,aur wazan bhi Kam ho raha hai doctor Sahab ka bahut shukriya 👍

Ambreen Farhan

“Before surgery My weight is 114kgs And Now My weight is 79.2kgs. My Life Is Totally change After Surgery And I am Very Happy In Life ❣️ After surgery i buy readymade dress and life is very easy like walking, running, exercises. My surgery Experience is Very excellent 👍. My experience with Dr Tanvir Raazi Ahmed Is Very Good 😍😍

M Latif 

” I am Haniya I came from London to have my bariatric surgery from Dr Tanvir Raazi. I lost a lot of weight. I was 106kg pre op and about 87 now. I can fit into my own clothes that were tight before and feel more confident and healthy. I had two consecutive periods so my weight loss is getting better and my bladder issue is also improving. After surgery, I had the motivation to do other positive things, like more exercise, hygiene, socialization and good routine and developed a better relationship with myself along with my weight loss and I have had maintenance which was most important. The surgery was not really painful and I had no complications, and was taken care of and treated well at hospital. Dr Tanvir Raazi Ahmad is a nice person and was supportive of me throughout my journey. He’s nice with sense of humor makes me laugh he encouraged me to take life less seriously after calling me aunty. Hahah. I am very satisfied with doctor Obesity Clinic and totally recommend it. Dr Tanvir and his team are great, professional and very friendly and I like and miss them all. Changed my life so much, I can’t thank them enough.


“I have lost 15 kilos in 5 weeks. I feel lighter, happier, active, positive and motivated. Before my surgery I felt lethargic all the time, had issues in walking, got diabetes and never felt good about myself. I was normally walking after surgery when I woke up I was able to walk without any support. I felt that I have not had any sort of surgery. I had no pain, just a bit discomfort due to gases which got settled the next morning. On the 5th day of my surgery I was driving, I had no issues at all and I was amazed how easy this surgery is. Prior to having surgery I was very afraid and was not in favour to get it done due to fear. Dr Tanveer made the process so easy for me that I couldn’t even delay the decision and made a decision to change my life. My life has changed and I am so motivated just like I have got new life. Dr Tanveer’s guidance is the best and the best part is that after surgery there is constant support from the team. The follow ups and the support makes this journey easier. Weightloss surgeries are journeys unlike other DRs who are not available for patients post surgery, Dr Tanveer and his team is available 24/7 for their patients which makes him the best Doctor!

Miss M Nabil

“My name is Sana Shahrukh. I’m 36. Before marriage my weight was 55 but after marriage my weight started to increase. I was suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, Cervical, hormonal issues, and a lot. Then one day I found out about the bariatric surgery after doing some research I discovered about Dr Tanvir Raazi. We had 2 meetings it was decided that I will have a sleeve surgery. Before the surgery I had 95 Kg weight. After 6 months of the surgery I noticed that I lost a lot of weight, now I have 75 kg weight. Mashallah now most of my diseases are cured and I’m back in my shape. I’m so satisfied and I would suggest others who are also suffering from the same condition.

Mrs S Shahrukh

“My weight was 135 kgs before I had gastric bypass surgery on dated: 06 Dec 2022. Alhamdulillah now I am 113 kgs I lost 22 kgs. Before surgery I have face so many problems like obesity sugar, fatty liver, cholesterol but aft surgery I’m feeling n doing well Alhamdolillah Dr. TANVEER support me n change my life solve my problems he is very understanding dr. listen my problems n solved it. When ever need he n his staff always their for us May ALLAH PAK BLESS Him n he have long successful life ameen. I am very thankful to Dr Tanvir Raazi Ahmed and his team for giving me a new life. I enjoy my life to the fullest now and I feel very healthy and happy.

Farhan Siddiqui

“Amazing doctor and staff


“Doctor Tanvir Raazi Ahmad is a good doctor and a good individual, and I like him a lot. He helped me overcome my obesity and PCOS by recommending and performing sleeve gastrectomy and I am grateful for his sincere efforts, as well as his support in the four week diet post op.

Haniah Jawed

“this is the best bariatric surgeon in town he is very professional

Abdul Ahad Khan

“Excellent experience while visiting Dr Tanvir he is very good


“Doctor Tanvir gives time to the patient he was helpful in every step and if we have any questions or confusion he clears them as well. The staff is very kind and helpful too.


“Great experience. Very friendly 100% Satisfied👍


“Excellent experience with him

Muhammad Hanif 

I am more than satisfied by Dr Tanveer and team. They are very careful and guide you according to your condition..

Khurram Khan

My overall experience was so good and best , I am very satisfied. I lost so much weight after surgery even the staff was so good and the doctor was so great the way he talked was so good.


I had great experience 😌 and I am satisfied with the Doctor and the staff

Naziha U

The first time I visited Dr. Raazi, I was quite apprehensive. I had a million questions and Dr Raazi took the time to make me comfortable and answer all my queries. In the many months since then, Dr. Raazi and his team have always surpassed expectations in terms of care and support. Not only is he a talented and gifted doctor, his bedside manner is the cherry on top of the cake (protein shake) 🙂.

S. S. Moiz

Aoa, I found Dr Tanvir via a forum where he was a reference from his old patient, although I was skeptical initially but once I spoke to him and met his team and himself I didn’t have to look anywhere else, as a person he is an excellent personality and as a doctor he carries the confidence to take you through your journey, the team is super supportive and v caring. I appreciate him for he have created procedure which is real value for money. Super happy with the results and would recommend Dr. Tanvir to my friends and family also.

Aimen N

Best Dr and best team . I m 100% satisfied from Dr Tanvir Raazi. very very good recovery of my bariatric surgery and amazing transformation …Allah bless u and your family Dr Tanvir

M Waleed Mehsud

I had my Gastric bypass surgery 7 month ago and I have lost 22kg Dr. Tanvir is a great surgeon and one of the best doctors in Karachi. Thank you Dr Tanvir and his whole team. I am very happy and satisfied. I feel more active and energetic. I highly recommend Doctor obesity clinic. I am very happy with my decision.

Saima Zahoor

I m too much happy with doctor”

Siraj Ahmed

میں نے 22 فروری کو آپریشن کروایا تھا اس وقت میرا وذن 133کلو گرام تھا ۔اج الحمدللہ 90 کلو گرام ھے۔بھت اچھا احساس ھے۔ اللہ تعالیٰ کا شکر ادا کرتا ہوں اور شکریہ ڈاکٹر صاحب ۔ اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کو ھمیشہ خوش رکھے آمین 

Saleem Ahmed

I am well satisfied with Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad provided a schedule of LSG and is always available on request of zoom call / to attend my ph call… as I am abroad and all my treatment done well without any hazards… All team is pro, well trained. The clinic is well equipped with experienced team members… The room given after the surgery is neat and clean. Follow-up and further food, exercise, and relevant detail always received timely with Ms. Benish. After surgery I am not facing any difficulty and my weight and body is now in a more attractive shape.

Qaseem Ahmed

I always had problems with Obesity and irregular periods along with hormonal issues. I was on medicine for the longest time. Then my mother came to know about bariatric surgery and we met Dr Tanvir and was convinced immediately that this would be the life changing decision for me. After my Sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the perspective of living a life has changed completely. I feel comfortable, i am healthy and i feel very very light. My journey has been really the best. Thankyou to Dr Tanvir and his whole team for being my major support system and bringing me to a new life.

F Mansoor

I was overweight and tried every diet and exercise but it was hard to lose weight and easy to regain it, I heard about bariatric surgery but was not sure if its ok or not, I was also a bit scared of the surgery, I search online and found that De Tanvir is a good surgeon, I got his appointment and met him and Dr Tanvir clear all my doubts with a nice and calm way. Finally I went for it and now it’s two months after my surgery and I lost almost 24 kg. He’s one of the best in this field. Kudos

AhmedUllah Khan

Before surgery i have faced so many problems like obesity, sugar, fatty liver, cholesterol but after surgery im feeling n doing well Alhamdolillah Dr. Tanvir supported me and changed my life and solved my problems. He is very understanding. listen to my problems and solve them. When ever need he n his staff always there for us May ALLAH PAK BLESS Him n he have long successful life Ameen

Syeda Sadaf Naz

I am patient of Dr Tanveer Razi…I was morbid obese suffering from diabetes,  anxiety and depression… I Had lost the charm of life and was continuously worried about my weight and diseases…I tried all kinds of fad diets, weight loss medicines, exercise, home remedies, spent lot of money but nothing worked…I couldn’t lose weight and lost all hopes of living a normal life…Then one day with blessings of Almighty Allah I came across Facebook page of Dr Tanveer Razi.. I had feeling my prayers were accepted and without any delay I visited him..He counselled me very nicely and in detail…He told me my obesity was not my fault.. it’s a disease that brings lots of other diseases and it is completely curable with bariatric surgery…I finally decided to go for it as I was already not living life…it was best decision of my life Alhamdulillah just After 3 months of my surgery I have lost 19 kgs…my diabetes is gone..my anxiety and depression has ended…I feel like a new human again…I am enjoying all foods I love without any regrets…I am lighter, healthy and happy…I am confident, enjoying all activities in my life which I couldn’t think before…This miraculous surgery has changed my life fully…for me Dr Tanveer Razi is an angel sent down for all of us on earth who have given up living…I strongly request all people like me to get bariatric surgery as soon as possible as it’s the best, easiest, latest successful treatment of obesity, diabetes and all other diseases related with obesity…wish you all best of luck for new happy and healthy life…

Amber  Ali

My experience with the Doctor Obesity Clinic is excellent.. I am more than satisfied 😌 ☺ 😊.. Every single staff member is so co-operative and has always cleared my queries.. and this is just the beginning of my journey to weight loss. And will share my review again and again time by time… Insha Allah.. And I am so happy 😊 ☺ that I made this decision.. 👍🏻 Keep up the good work Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed and his team 👏

N Umair


I am very enlightened and satisfied by the doctor as my experience with doctor Tanveer was very nice 👍 as his nature was very good as he helped me at every point as I live in another city he literally replied me whenever I messaged he  help me with my issues I was demotivated but motivated me because of this health my legs were swelling but now everything is going well 

Staff is also very good, they always welcome us in a good way, like everything is so good about the hospital and the doctor and with his help I almost lost 15 kgs in two months. Thank you so much.

Dr tanveer ko ALLAH pak lambi umer kry sehat k sath.


Uzma Fayyaz

I am a patient of Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Raazi. When I visited him the very first time I weighed almost 120 kg and I had high diabetes,Blood pressure, anxiety, and depression . I went through 2 C sections , 1 ectopic pregnancy and 2 miscarriages. I had no hope of life left . I never thought that I could lose my weight in this lifetime again . I stopped dressing up , I stopped looking in the mirror, I used to avoid meeting other people. I had lost all the confidence. I was not confident about the procedure as I thought of what could happen but Dr Tanvir guided and counselled me and made me stronger . And I went through gastric bypass surgery. The whole staff, especially Beenish, guided me and helped me throughout the process. And now after 4 months, I lost 20 kgs. I am living a new version of myself . I overcame my diabetes, anxiety , depression and now I am overflowing with confidence . And all the credit after Allah tabarak wata’ala goes to Dr Tanveer . And my mom whose situation was worse than me , she was suffering from sleep apnea , asthma and knee issues. I was so satisfied with my result that I also recommended Dr.tanveer to my mom . And Dr Tanveer handled her case so delicately and like a family he was there to support her and it’s been 5 days after the surgery and she’s recovering very well. May Allah ta’ala give him every happiness of life . I specifically recommend everyone who is suffering like me please get it done as soon as possible.

Mrs Siraj

Aoa,, I am from Mianwali. My weight was 107 kgs. After too much I was unable to loose even a single kg. Society treated my obesity as its my crime. My sister consulted Dr Tanvir Raazi last year and went through sleeve surgery n got amazing results. She  advised me to undergo this procedure. I travelled to Karachi from Mianwali for sake of this because Dr Tanvir guided n made me confident.. I went through this surgery in June n now I m 83 kgs in just 4 months ..Its an amazing change . I feel so strong n healthy after surgery.  It all due to right guidance of Dr Tanvir n his all team.. thank you to all team.💖💖

Rabia Safdar

I would like to share my experience with Dr Tanveer Raazi 

My name is sana and I’m married and mother to a 10 year old 

I have battled with obesity almost  all my life and has went through all the pressures and insults that a normal obese person will go through at the hands of our society 

There isn’t a single diet or workout that I hadn’t tried but I would hardly loose 10 kgs and go back to normal eating and put on double the amount of weight 

There was a time I reached 148 kgs 

With a lot of hard work I came down to 138 kg but couldn’t lose more than that 

Then Some life changing event happened and I realized where I was standing with so much of weight 

That’s when my father supported me and convinced me to do the surgery 

I was skeptical at first but Dr Tanveer and his coordinator Beenish made sure that all my queries were answered 

Dr tanvir is not just a doctor but he is your guide your friend your psychiatrist who will help you overcome all your mental stigmas too 

After complete satisfaction I went for the surgery in April and now it’s 6 months down the lane I have lost 34 kgs and I currently weight 104 kg 

Alhumdulillah I can’t wait to go into two digits soon inshaaAllah 

My experience at the hospital had been an amazing one too The nurses were very caring and the doctors were always present and looking after you ,worried for you 

Even now I’m not in Pakistan but Dr Tanveer is always available to guide me and talk to me and counsel me if I’m going through any stressful situation also 

Iam still learning so many things about my new body and how to take care of my health but even though my skin is little loose and my hair has become less there isn’t a day where I donot think that this  surgery was the best decision of my life Alhumdulillah 

Stay blessed Dr Tanveer may Allah swt reward you for your kindness and your commitment and honesty to your profession

Sana Yasir

My name is Dua I’m doctor Tanveer’s patient. 

I had my surgery done by him 4 months ago & after that my life has completely changed (in a good way). My weight was 125 kilograms & now I’m 103 kilograms, still a long way to reach my goal but I am already feeling so nice. My overall health is much better now than before. 

I was overweight since years & after my pregnancy/delivery I gained more weight I have asthma & due to my weight it got worse so I couldn’t even walk or do any exercise, my hormones were really messed up so I had to face some other health issues also. After consulting doctor Tanveer we decided to go for surgery as my health issues were increasing & it was surely the best & life changing decision as my hormones & asthma is much better now , I can walk/workout easily now. I am so thankful to Doctor Tanveer for his support & guidance throughout the process he is an angle. I am very satisfied with the staff also my after care was great & I’ll definitely recommend Dr Tanveer if you have obesity & you are unable to loose weight you should definitely consult doctor Tanveer. He is the best.

Dua Nabeel

Ma ye samjhti the ka bus ab zindagi khatam ho gy ha mari na chal sakti the na bat kar sakti thi saans bhi sahe se nhi atta tha allah pak na dr sahab sa milwa dia or unhon na mujhy naye zindagi di ha 129 kg  wait tha mara or 4 maheny bad 103 ho gy ha  tahay dil sa dr sahab ki sukar guzar hun ma allah pak un ko duniya aur akharat ki tammam khushiyan atta farmay ameen sum ameen.

T Kausar

Assalamu Alaikum.. I have never thought in my life that I’m able to reduce my weight…tried so many things  for weight reduction but failed, Was frustrated and thought it as a impossible venture .But with the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH once I met Doctor Tanveer, he gave me hope and convinced my to undergo this procedure for my betterment, Doctor Tanveer came in to my life as Masiha. l’m grateful and really thankful to him he is always available when ever we are in need of some advice., and his prompt reply to messages shows his professional attitude towards his patients. Jazzak Allah again . May you have wonderful life.

Rabia D


Dr. Tanvir Raazi..best doctor i have ever met, since last 2 yrs i have been doing researches on Bariatric Surgeries & i had been almost to every hospitals where these surgeries are conducted..but somehow i was not satisfied don’t know why…few docs explained me this surgery in such a way that it was too scary and few were very very expensive..,but by Allah’s grace i met doc Tanvir and the day i met him i made my mind that yes i ‘ m much satisfied and he is actually the one…Bariatric Surgery sounds like oh god what is it isse acha hai diet karo like family is never ever convinced specially for married womans..they are treated as if they are good for nothing except eating & gaining weight but it’s wrong i feel doc Tanvir is the only man who feels the pain what womans suffers and if he can treat a patient like me that means he is best of all i am actually Trypanophobia and he and his team of course were so good they treated me so patiently that i was really pleased..i would request everyone to not to have a 2nd thought abt this surgery for us who are having weight issues this is the only best treatment also it helps prevent major health issues..Doc tanvir is not a doc who is to make money i went to him with asking him to get on with mini bypass but he sincerely explained me what is better option for me though other surgeons whom i met didn’t even bother to ask what do i eat now and how mini bypass will not help me in future but Doc Tanvir everytime explained me whenever i asked him about any issues he is always present for us either on call or on WhatsApp it’s never that he hasn’t replied me before or after surgery…so finally i got my sleeves done and i ‘ m very much satisfied with it and it was an amazing experience I can’t explain in words…very friendly and Humble !! If you are looking for Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass then Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed is the right choice!! Don’t go elsewhere! Highly Recommended with 5 🌟! Highly Professional and Committed. Very satisfied with great results & outcome of painless bariatric surgery by him..Highly Skilful you will not find elsewhere..Doc Tanvir you helped me mentally to change my life by giving me a better choice..I would also like to add that his team is really helpful too Beenish the bariatric coordinator to Dr. Tanvir Razi at Doctor Obesity Clinic is very helpful very caring she will answer those little questions which are always in my mind and last but not least the hospital where the surgery was done is nothing lesser than a 5 🌟… the room the nurses the after surgery treatments all was so so good like i had no stress no pain… Thanks Doc..for your Precious time…May Allah Bless You Always Dr Tanvir Raazi Ahmed @ Doctor Obesity Clinic..

Saira S

Asalam Aalikum everyone 

My name is sarwat rabbani. My experience with Doc Tanveer has been pretty good. I’ve known Doc Tanveer since 2008 or 2009. He operated on my hernia. Then he operated on my son’s appendix. He is quite humble, sweet and friendly. He understands every patient and their problems really well. He operated on my son’s obesity in 2021 dec. it went really well, he was 129 and now he is 96 after 9 months. After his experience doc Tanveer suggested the obesity operation and now he did mine in August of 2022.My weight was 95 and now i am 84 in almost 2 months. Alhumdulillah I’m feeling pretty good. I did everything what he asked me to do and took a few medicines that he recommended to me. May Allah give him health and wealth, Aameen.

Sarwat Rabbani

Assalam o Alaikum all. Hope you all are doing good. I got Sleeve Gastric surgery. I started off with 108.8kgs and 4 months later I’m now standing at 83.3kgs Alhamdulillah. It indeed was a major life changing decision for me and my parents as a 21 years old to even think of getting a surgery this major. But once we started seeing the results weight wise and health wise, we are all very satisfied and thankful to Allah and to Dr. Tanvir and team. If anyone suffering from obesity I would definitely recommend you to please do yourself a favour and just go for it. Dr. Tanvir has been a great support all along. And please know that if I could, you can too. If anyone ever needs to ask/know anything related to the surgery can always contact me I’d be more than happy to share with you all

Iqra A

I am coming back to life”. Alhamdulillah! 

 I was a patient of severe sleep apnea. I was not able to do any house chores,my performance at work declined, I always got tired without doing anything, weight was increasing like anything, and this leads to depression. One day,  My niece, who is a doctor and did her residency in gastric surgery, told me about dr. Tanvir and this surgery, for two years I did not listen to her but she kept motivating me to go for it and asked me to at least meet the doctor. Finally, in october 2021 i met dr. Tanvir and he clarified all my doubts, had my sleeve surgery on 28th dec 2021.

I can’t believe what a huge difference this has made in my life. I lost almost 32 kgs in 5 months Alhamdulillah!

Changes include:

My sleep apnea and blood pressure are gone right after my surgery. I actually feel rested when I wake up.

I finally have the energy to tackle my problems. 

My to-do list no longer seems impossible.

My work performance and consistency has improved.

I am much more confident around people.

Last but not the least, “phele khane ke liye jeeti thi, ab jeene ke liye khati hon(zaida peeti hon)

Sabohi Faiqa

My name is Tariq and I came to Pakistan from Australia for Bariatric surgery. I underwent gastric bypass in February at Doctor Obesity Clinic. When I arrived at Dr. Tanvir’s clinic, I knew nothing about the procedure. Dr. Tanvir and his staff assisted me and provided me with all the information I needed. Being 155 kgs has certainly taken a big toll on my life and I was struggling with a lot on a regular basis. The day of my operation, I was treated very nicely by Dr Tanvir and his team. The operation went smoothly and the healing process went very smoothly. In 4 months, I dropped 23 kg and now weigh 132 kg. I certainly notice a lot of changes in me and I definitely feel like Dr. Tanvir and his team have given me another chance in my life. Any person suffering from obesity should not hesitate and should really consider this surgery

Tariq Hussain

My name is Ashley and I travelled all this way from New York for gastric surgery by Dr. Tanveer. I had my sleeve operation in February and I was very pleased with the care provided. The operation went smoothly. All the staff were wonderful. All was included. Medication, food, and a very comfortable room to recuperate. A few months after the surgery, I am definitely satisfied with the results. I’ve gone from 92 kilos to 68 kilos in 4 months. This surgery is an excellent tool for weight loss and anyone suffering from obesity, should definitely consider surgery. Many thanks to Dr. Tanvir and his staff for a new beginning in my life.

Ashley Williams

Gastric sleeve was the best decision I could have made, in the first month I lost more than 13 kgs.  I feel way better in everything from sleeping to walking. Dr Tanvir was always very helpful and whatever questions or concerns we had he was always there with his kind gesture before and after surgery. Dr Tanvir’s Staff Miss Beenish and others are also very helpful kind and responsive. The surgery was smooth and after the surgery they treated us very nicely in the hospital. Dr Tanvir is one of the great Dr who is always so kind and nice with our questions. I would totally recommend Dr Tanvir Raazi for Bariatric Surgery & I have already suggested my family member as well.


Weight lose Howa hai mara 1 months ka ander 16 kg 125 say or change ya Howa hai surgery ka bad mujy gussa nahi ata or mujy saans ki problem nahi hoti after surgery I am feeling like a butterfly 🦋 Dr tanveer say jab phaly dafa mil to bhot dar tha but 2th time I am feeling better because Dr bhot achi Tara guide karty hai mujy say Kam nahi hota tha ab hota hai Dr tanveer Razi is best in the world doctor ko salute ho

Mrs Dua

I’m Abida Fayyaz .

I’m glad to share my experience with y’all.

First of all I wanna tell you. Always feel dizzy and have different kinds of pain in the body. I was a little bit afraid of getting operated on, however it was a great experience so far.

By the grace of God I’ve lost 15kg in 2 months and I feel so active and light. 

If I talk about something different which I’ve experienced in this hospital, there is too much caring staff, as I never hesitated from asking any question.

 If someone asks me about this surgery, I would suggest they visit this hospital.

Especially Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed, staff and management of Pasha Clinic are too cooperative. 

I’m so grateful to all of you.

Abida Firdous

I had a lap sleeve gastrectomy 1.5 months ago. My weight was 197.3 kgs before and Alhamdulillah I have lost 25kgs (172kgs) since then. I was suffering from severe depression and sleep apnea and wasn’t able to even sleep straight on my back for about 2 years. Alhamdulillah I can now sleep peacefully and the pain in my knees and ankles has even been cured. I was so scared before my surgery but it was painless and I was even discharged the very next day from the hospital. I had a really good experience with Dr. Tanvir, he made it possible for me to live my life positively again. I am blessed to have had my surgery in such safe hands. Thank you Dr. Tanveer Jazakallah hu khyrun kaseer

Izween Jamoot

I am Mrs Khan and a very happy and satisfied patient of Dr.Tanvir Razi.

I was weighing 107 kg before surgery and was suffering from Hypertension, PCOs,severe back and leg pain.The major of all was depression as I tried all the diets,medicines,exercises but nothing worked well. I wanted a lifelong solution to this obesity.I came to know about Dr.Raazi’s expertise in the field of bariatric surgery through my friend who was also his patient. We had our discussion on telephone and in 15 minutes I decided to do this surgery and came over to Karachi from Balochistan. I had my consultation with Dr Sab and I got ready for the gastric sleeve surgery.It went very well .Dr Tanvir and his team was so helpful and caring.Dr Sab is very down to earth person which makes him different then other health professionals, I meet.He can be contacted any time for any query and issue if any after surgery.

Now after 12.5 week (Almost 3 months) I am 87 kg.Dr.Raazi helped me to change myself the way I wanted.The only regret is not having done the surgery earlier.

In these 12 weeks my dress Size changed from XXL to Large.I am more energetic and free from all types of medicines which I was taking before the surgery.

I am cordially thankful and grateful to Dr.Tanvir Razi and his whole team for bringing back the smile on my face.

Mrs Khan

I have lost 11kgs of weight in 2 and a half months. Before undergoing this procedure, i was suffering from hypertension and  knee joint pain. This procedure has worked wonders, as my pain has gone and my blood pressure is now normal.

 Dr Tanveer Raazi has been cooperative throughout the process. He has always clarified the questions pertaining to the procedure. Not only that but also he has been assisting after the surgery.

Dr Samina

I had my mini gastric bypass surgery 2 months ago. MashaAllah I had great experience at Doctor Obesity Clinic’s office management and maintenance plus cleanliness is excellent and the staff is very cooperative. Dr. Tanvir is a great, humble and a very kind soul. Alhamdulillah I am very blessed to be treated by such an amazing doctor and team. I genuinely thank you guys for great humanity service.

K Ahmed

Assalam o alaikum mera nam Naheed Fatima ha mera surgery se pehle weight 101 kg tha. Aur ma boht exercise karti thi boht diet karti thi weight kam karleti thi magr maintain nhi karpati thi. Bilkul thak chuki thi aur b boht sare maslay shoro hogaye thay. Abi meri gastric sleeve surgery ko 7 mahine ho chuke hain aur mera weight ab 82.2 ha aur wo sare problem mery kafi had tak solve ho chuke hain. Chalne phirne ki takleef thi, uthne bhetne ka masla namaz parhne ma takleef aur cholesterol high tha, ab MashaAllah se control ma agaya ha aur baqi sare problem bhi solve hogaye hain. Jin ka bhi wazan kam nhi ho rha hai wo zaror surgery ki taraf aen aur is motape ki bimari se nijat lein. Dr tanvir Raazi ki hamesha shukar guzar rahongi k unho ne mje boht support kiya aur unki waja se aj kal sakoon se apni life guzar rhi hun.

Naheed Fatima

اسلام عليڪم مان شبانا سولنگي 

مهنجو مسئلو موٽاپو ھيو وازن وڌيڪَ هجڻ جي ڪري ساهه جي تقليف رات جو ننڊ نه اچڻ بيچيني محسوس ڪرڻ جلدي ٿڪجي پوڻ گلي۾ تقليفُ هجڻ انهن سمورين بيمارين جي ڪري مان ڊپريشن جي مريض ٿي وئي هيس 

پوء مان (Sleeve gastrectomy) سرجري ڊاڪٽر تنوير رازي احمد کان پاشا اسپتال مان ڪرائي

هاڻي مان خوش آهيان وزن گهٽجي ويو آهي ساهه ۾ تقلِيف ناھي ۽ رات جو ننڊ بہ اَچي ٿي ۽ پاڻ کي خوش محسوس ڪيان ٿي

Thanks Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed God bless you.

Shabana Solangi

السلام و علیکم

میں ایک ہاؤس وائف ہوں۔ میں اپنے وزن سے بہت پریشان تھی۔ 12 سال سے تھائرائڈ اور پی سی اوز کے لیے علاج کروا رہی تھی اور دوائیں کھا رہی تھی۔ ہومیوپیتھی اور حکیمی بھی اور اچھے سے اچھے پروفسیر ڈاکٹروں کو بھی دکھایا ڈایٹ بھی کے ورزش بھی کی لیکن میرا وزن بارہ سال سے ہر سال تین چار کلو بھڑھتا ہی تھا۔ کم کبھی نہیں ہوتا تھا بلڈ پریشر کا بھی مسئلہ رہتا تھا۔ پھر میری فزیشن نے مجھے ڈاکٹر تنویر کے بارے میں بتایا اور میں اُن سے ملی۔  اور میں نے وزن کم کرنے کے آپریشن کا فیصلہ کرلیا۔ میری فیملی میں سب لوگ ڈر رہے تھے اور مجھے آپریشن کروانے سے منع کر رہے تھے لیکن میں نے پکا ارادہ کیا اور اپنا گیسٹرک بائے پاس آپریشن کروایا۔ آج الحمدللّٰہ دو ماہ ہوچکے ہیں اور میرا وزن دس کلو کم ہوگیا ہے اور میں بہت خوش ہوں اور بہت عرصے بعد اُمید ہوئی ہے کہ میں پھر سے اسمارٹ ہوجاؤں گی اور میں جتنے بھی موٹاپے سے پریشان لوگ ہیں ان کو مشورہ دیتی ہوں کے وہ بھی یہ سرجری کروائیں

Saima Zahoor

My gastric sleeve surgery has been a positive life changing experience for my health. The surgery itself was so quick and it took me 3 days to make a quick recovery from it. The surgery has a lot of benefits but there are some challenges in the recovery but Dr. Tanvir Raazi and their team have helped me fully to go through with this, and without their guidance and support, it would have been a difficult journey. After two months I have lost about 10kgs and I no longer have knee pains and back pains. After struggling with being overweight for almost all my life, this is the first time I am enjoying my fitness and health to the fullest.

S Rehman

I travelled from the USA to Pakistan thinking about doing lipo to help me lose some weight. I was very stressed about my weight at 230lbs (104kg) . I had consulted with a doctor and he advised me to get bariatric surgery, that’s when I found this amazing clinic! Met with the team and they handled everything so well, from consultation to this day (6 months after surgery) the team is amazing hands down but what this doctor did for me is unmatchable. First before I explain the benefits I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Now onto the benefits:

First it’s been 6 months exactly and I’ve lost 62lbs (28.12kg) and the biggest blessing is I’ve gotten pregnant because of this surgery alhamdulillah. I’ve been married for 3 years now and have been trying for 3 years but I was struggling with PCOS and hypothyroidism. I still have hypothyroidism but my levels are under control thanks to doctor tanveer and my doctor here in the USA. But because of my PCOS I wasn’t able to get pregnant and now alhumdulilah 2 months. After surgery you should wait 1 year but Allah has a timing for everything and mine was now. 

If you are a girl who is delaying marriage because of these issues I advise you don’t. Go do this surgery and live your best life. I couldn’t be happier and make so much dua for Dr Tanvir for helping me through that tough time and keeping in touch with me even though I am back in the USA 15 days after surgery. Thank you once again and ladies don’t think twice about getting this surgery because it changed my life. I can’t wait to have a little family of my own InshaAllah.

F S Zaidi

Dr. Tanvir Raazi..best doctor i have ever met, since last 2 yrs i have been doing researches on Bariatric Surgeries & i had been almost to every hospitals where these surgeries are conducted..but somehow i was not satisfied don’t know why…few docs explained me this surgery in such a way that it was too scary and few were very very expensive..,but by Allah’s grace i met doc Tanvir and the day i met him i made my mind that yes i ‘ m much satisfied and he is actually the one…Bariatric Surgery sounds like oh god what is it isse acha hai diet karo like family is never ever convinced specially for married womans..they are treated as if they are good for nothing except eating & gaining weight but it’s wrong i feel doc Tanvir is the only man who feels the pain what womans suffers and if he can treat a patient like me that means he is best of all i am actually Trypanophobia and he and his team of course were so good they treated me so patiently that i was really pleased..i would request everyone to not to have a 2nd thought abt this surgery for us who are having weight issues this is the only best treatment also it helps prevent major health issues..Doc tanvir is not a doc who is to make money i went to him with asking him to get on with mini bypass but he sincerely explained me what is better option for me though other surgeons whom i met didn’t even bother to ask what do i eat now and how mini bypass will not help me in future but Doc Tanvir everytime explained me whenever i asked him about any issues he is always present for us either on call or on WhatsApp it’s never that he haven’t replied me before or after surgery…so finally i got my sleeve done and i m very much satisfied with it and it was an amazing experience I can’t explain in words…very friendly and Humble !! If you are looking for a Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass then Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed is the right choice!! Don’t go elsewhere! Highly Recommended with 5 🌟! Highly Professional and Committed. Very satisfied with great results & outcome of painless bariatric surgery by him. Highly Skillful you will not find elsewhere..Doc Tanvir you helped me mentally to change my life by giving me a better choice. I would also like to add that his team is really helpful too Beenish the bariatric coordinator to Dr. Tanvir Raazi at Doctor Obesity Clinic is very helpful very caring she will answer those little questions which are always in my mind and last but not least the hospital where the surgery was done is nothing lesser than a 5 🌟… the room the nurses the after surgery treatments all was so so good like i had no stress no pain… Thanks Doc. for your Precious time…May Allah Bless You Always Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed @ Doctor Obesity Clinic.

S Shaharyar

“I had a lipoma on my upper left arm that had become quite a bother and came to Dr Tanvir for a lipoma excision.

The consultation was great. The surgery went smoothly followed by a great recovery. I feel much better now.

The team at the clinic is great in dealing.

Thank you to the doctor and team.”


“I had problem of Obesity and irregular periods along with hormonal issues always. I was on medicines since the longest time. Then my mother came to know about bariatric surgery and we met Dr Tanvir and was convinced immediately that this would be the life changing decision for me. After my Sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the perspective of living a life has changed completely. I feel comfortable, i am healthy and i feel very very light. My journey has been really the best. Thankyou to Dr Tanvir and his whole team for being my major support system and bringing me to a new life.”

Fatima Mansoor

اسلام وعلیکم
میں ایک ہاوس وائف ہوں۔اپنے زائد وزن سے بہت تھک چکی تھی۔دو سال سے ڈائبیٹک ہو چکی تھی۔اکثر بلڈ پریشر بھی تھوڑا بڑھ جاتا تھا۔جگر پر بھی چربی آ گی تھی۔وہی سارے مسئلے جو کہ عموماً بڑھتے وزن کے ساتھ ہوتے ہیں مجھے بھی تھے۔کافی سرچ کے بعد گیسٹرک بائپاس کا فیصلہ کیا۔نیٹ پر سرچ کیا تو ڈاکٹر تنویر کا پتہ چلا۔
بس پھر کیا تھا ایک ہی ہفتے میں سرجری کروانے کی ٹھان لی۔
الحمدللہ سرجری کے بعد ڈائبیٹیز ختم ہو گئ اور اب خود کو کافی ہلکا پھلکا محسوس کرتی ہوں۔
سرجری کروانا کافی فائدہ مند ثابت ہوئ۔پہلے میرا وزن 140 کلو تھا سرجری کو ابھی صرف 4 ماہ ہی ہوئے ہیں اور اب میرا وزن 118 کلو ہے انشاللہ ابھی مزید کم ہوگا۔
واقعی موٹاپا تمام بیماریوں کی جڑ ہے۔

Aliya Inamullah

میری زندگی بہت مشکل تھی کیوں کے وزن زیادہ ہونے کی وجہ سے مجھے بہت تکلیفیں تھیں ۔ نہ صرف بیماریوں نے گھیرا ہوا تھا نیند کا بھی مسئلہ تھا نیند کی گولیاں کھانے کے باوجود نیند نہیں آتی تھی اور بلڈ پریشر کی دوا بھی لیتی تھی ۔ پھر مجھے ایک جاننے والوں سے سلیو سرجری کا پتہ چلا۔ میں نے ڈاکٹر تنویر کو دکھایا اور فوراً ہی آپریشن کا فیصلہ کرلیا۔ آج میری سلیو سرجری کو تین ماہ ہوچکے ہیں۔ میرا 15 کلو وزن کم ہوچکا ہے ۔ میں نیند کی گولی کے بغیر مزے سے سوتی ہوں۔ بلڈ پریشر کی دوا تو پہلے ہفتے ہی بند ہوگئی تھی ۔ اب نئے کپڑے بنانے اور پہنے میں بہت مزا آرہا ہے ۔ میں زندگی کو انجواۓ کرنے لگی ہوں۔ نہ صرف بیماریاں ختم ہوگئی ہیں اور وزن کم ہورہاہے بلکہ موڈ مزاج بھی بہت اچھا ہوگیا ہے۔ گھومنے پھرنے شادیاں اٹینڈ کرنے میں مزا آرہا ہے۔ جو بھی لوگ اپنے وزن کی وجہ سے پریشان ہیں اُن کے لیے یہ زندگی بدل دینے والا فیصلہ ہے۔

Shazia Ghulam

I had gotten my surgery back in November after being inspired by my husband who underwent the surgery in Feb earlier last year. Trust me it was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. Being obese had become a hindrance in my day to day activities. I used to get tired really easily and usually didn’t feel like performing any day to day task. There came a point where I couldn’t pray while standing up and had to resort to praying with the help of a chair. Not only that, I suffered from chronic hypertension and diabetes as well.

Fast forward to now, four months after my surgery I have lost 12-13 kgs and the numbers on the scale are just going down! I no longer have to take any medication to control my blood pressure and sugar level and can even pray while standing up again!

I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery and would also recommend it to others who are tired of being obese and wish to get active and fresh all over again!

Mrs S Kaleem

This message is for those Specially, who are scared while doing this procedure,  I believe being a patient that my 3 major diseases are completely gone, Permanently Finished after this surgery 1. Asthmatic Attack, 2. Orthopedic Pain and 3. Spine pain refers to my third disease Doctor advised me for life time pain and long bed rest but Al Hamdulliah after this procedure those doctors are shocked that I don’t have any pain to till date.

I will highly recommend Dr. TANVIR & TEAM, who really prove that Obesity having a Positive Solution which Allah Pak has blessed in the hand of Dr. Tanvir. 

I personally recommended him to all those friends including family who are facing Obesity problems.

Last but not least The Hospitality Services which they have given to me are remarkable and outstanding.

Sohail H

“My doctor recommended I have weight loss surgery due to my increasing bad health. I was an insulin dependent Type 2 Diabetic with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea. I had my R n Y Gastric Bypass surgery and have lost 12kg in just 2 months. I am no longer taking medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The best part about it is my increased energy level. I still enjoy all of my favorite foods, just in moderation now. I am so happy with my decision to have gastric bypass and highly recommend it.”

Muhammad Saad

Amazing doctor, keeps on taking follow-up to make sure that i am doing well. Very friendly polite and professional person.”

Verified Patient

“He is one of the best doctors in town. He did my surgery. I was so afraid at first but he gave me full confidence that things are going to get well. You can blindly trust him and go for his treatment. He is a very trusted doctor.”

Verified Patient

“My mother had (lap chole) gallbladder removal surgery. It was really a good experience as she started normal life within 3-4 days. Thanks God and Dr. Tanvir for a successful procedure.”

Ibn E Abdullah

“I wanna tell you about my journey of bariatric surgery. I lost 39 kg. It was done two years ago. Through this surgery I got rid of many diseases like: blood pressure, cholesterol, asthma, and diabetes. This surgery opened doors that I never would have dreamed of. It was a great experience with Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed. He was the most supportive doctor I have ever seen in my life. After the surgery and subsequent weight loss I feel better and more active. I believe that this surgery was one of the best decisions of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed if you are ready to change your life.”

R Moosani

“Assalam o alaikum, I am here to share my experience with doctor Tanveer Raazi. I have been an overweight person for a long time, because of this only I was diagnosed with arthritis. I wasn’t able to do exercise or walk to cut down my weight because of the pain in my joints and lower back. I was scared at first and saw this surgery as a last resort but after the surgery, I have been losing weight, I can be on a good diet, and I can work as well. Alhamdulillah, I am very well, nothing to be worried about. There’s no actual recovery time. You can be back to routine in just two days. It’s almost two weeks since the surgery and I am doing great Alhamdulillah and by the grace of Allah, I am already 10 kg down. Highly recommended. Insha’Allah nothing to worry and I hope it gets to a lot of people in need.”

Shaz Faisal

“I have struggled with my weight for over 10 years. Went to many gyms, tried keto and so many diets but was not able to reduce my weight. I was 90kgs when I met Dr. Tanvir and he told me about the gastric sleeve surgery. I am down to 72kgs. It has been a 2 1/2 month journey but well worth it. The surgery and recovery was manageable and over time my eating has stabilized. Dr. Tanvir and his team were all so helpful and made my transition to a new life a dream come true. I now love exercising most days of the week and find healthy eating so much more enjoyable. I can’t imagine I’d ever be at this weight if it weren’t for the surgery. I am forever grateful for my experience with Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad.”

N Rizwan

“I had my surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) done by Dr. Tanvir 1.5 months ago. So far this continuous journey has had its ups n downs (as expected because at the end of the day it is a surgery), but I am very grateful that Dr. Tanvir was my surgeon. He was very informative pre and post surgery. I had a lot of doubts abt the surgery but Dr. Tanvir was very reassuring (rightfully so, because the surgery is truly worth it). He is truly someone u can trust with the surgery. He offered proper diet plans which were very helpful. So far I’ve lost 15 kg in 3 months and I can’t wait for further weight.”

Syed Ausaf Ali

“Mera naam Sajjad Ali hai. Maine Doctor Obesity Clinic se Weight loss surgery karwai ha. Mera weight 149 kg tha aur age 27 year ha. Muje chalne phirne mein bohat taklif hoti thi. Blood pressure Shugar ka masla aur saans ki taklif hoti thi. ab Alhumduallah main bohat thik hon ab koi bhi taklif nahi hoti aur mera sirf 3 mahene ma 28 kilo wazan kam hogaya ha. Mera mashwara ha na darain na intezar karain aur apni zindagi badlein.”

Sajjad Ali

“I was 135 kg and tried several times to lose weight but nothing worked then I came to know about bariatric surgery. I contacted Dr. Tanvir about it and during consultation he showed me his patients who have already had the surgery, after seeing the results I was amazed. I decided to go for gastric sleeve surgery. A bit of pain for two days and then 24 kg lost in just three months! Any one with the weight issue should get this surgery done. Dr. Tanvir is really a great doctor. Ms. Beenish and Huzaifa are very cooperative. The best part is, they don’t leave you alone 24/7.”

Tahir Ansari

“Assalamualaikum, I got my gastric sleeve done on the 17th September 2020. My life before the sleeve had become depressing and disappointing. I didn’t want to go out, said no to almost everyone and everything when it came to socializing, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin which would make me stress eat. My cholesterol and triglycerides had gone dangerously high. I have started having knee issues. Seemed like i was sitting on a ticking bomb. After meeting Dr. Tanvir and having a few talk sessions with him I became hopeful that things can Insha’Allah improve for me and I can lead a better and more normal life. Hence decided to go forth with the operation. Dr. Tanvir is Masha ‘Allah such an amazing doctor. He gave me such a level of comfort always available, felt like if I ever need anything i can always ask. I’m so glad I went through with this surgery. Choosing Dr. Tanvir as my doctor was one of the best decision I ever made. I was 80kgs post Op after a month i was down 5kgs…feel not only physically better but the impact it has had on my mood and mental health has been staggering. Now I am at my dream weight. I feel like I’m finally became the person I should be, more confident and so much happier. Regards S. Ali”

S Ali

“He is very nice Doctor, I had colorectal cancer and Dr. Raazi did my surgery , he has done great job now I am living healthy life”


“Dr. Tanvir Raazi is professional, devoted and a very humble person. He is exceptionally talented and works magic with perfect results. I was suffering with excessive weight all my life which affected me morally, socially & my confidence shattered. After trying all the possibilities, I was blessed to find a Doctor Obesity Clinic. I couldn’t be happier & glad I chose him for my gastric sleeve surgery. I got rapid results with the guidance and support they provided. The way the after care & diet is setup by him made the transition easier. He provided informative handouts about food choices, diet & exercises to achieve my goal weight yet he was always there for any queries, his Facebook support page is a big help for his patients. I couldn’t jog but now I run now, I wear my dream size clothes, I am now healthier & energetic. Now I see a clear path to maintain my weight loss with adequate knowledge. I recommend Doctor Obesity Clinic to anyone searching for a permanent weight loss solution, Dr. Tanvir is amazing and will do the job right! *10stars* The staff has been really friendly, motivating & encouraging at every stage. I appreciate that the clinic follows the health protocol required by the government for covid-19 on every visit.

Ayesha Shah

“Assalamualaikum. My name is Fouzia and I have gastric sleeve surgery on 7th June 2021. Before the surgery I was worried about my recovery period but alhamdulillah my recovery was pretty quick and smooth. I was able to walk after 6 hrs of surgery and was able to get out of bed without assistance after 3 days. Slow transition from clear liquids to semi solids and then solids was also smooth and now, I am able to eat normally in smaller portions. I have lost 25 kgs in 5 months. And this journey will continue Insha’Allah. Dr. Tanvir and his team were very supportive throughout the whole process and are still in close contact with me and all the other patients too. They regularly check up on us and our daily intake of food, especially our protein intake. The regular interaction between us keeps all the patients motivated.

Fouzia Imran

“My experience was wonderful. I was very fed up from my weight gaining tendency but when I visited Dr. Tanvir I realized that now my issue will permanently be resolved and Alhamdulillah my decision for bariatric operation was my right choice. Dr. Tanvir has vast experience in his field and he has such convincing ability that in my 1st meeting I decided to go for surgery. Now Alhamdulillah I am satisfied as I got back my healthy life.”

S Baz

السلام علیکم۔ میری سرجری کو چّھ مہینے ہونے والے ہیں۔ مجھے کمر درد اور گھٹنوں میں درد کی شکایت تھی۔ اور ہر ڈاکٹر صرف وزن کم کرنے کے مشورے دے رہا تھا۔ میں ہر ممکن کوشش کر چکی تھی وزن کم کرنے کی مگر ہو نہیں رہا تھا۔ آخرکار میں نے موٹاپے کی سرجری کروائی اور الحَمدُ للّہ میرا وزن کم ہونا شروع ہوگیا۔ کسی بھی ڈاکٹر کے پاس ہم جاتے ہیں اگر اچھا ڈاکٹر ہو تو مریض پر سکون رہتا ہے۔ اور ماشاء اللہ ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی احمد بہت ہی نرم مزاج اور ہر بات کو تفصیل سے سمجھانے والے اور مریض کے سارے خدشات دور کرنے والے بہترین ڈاکٹر ہیں۔ اور اچھے ڈاکٹر کے ساتھ میرا وزن کم ہونا شروع ہوا۔ اس وقت چھے ماہ بعد میرا وزن تقریباً ستائیس کلو کم ہوا ہے۔میری تکلیفیں ساٹھ فی صد کم ہوگئی ہیں۔ مجھے سیڑھی چڑھنے اترنے میں ، کوئی بھاری کام کرنے میں ، ذیادہ چلنے میں، الحَمدُ للّہ کوئی مسئلہ نہیں۔ سب سے بڑی بات میں نے رمضان کے روزے رکھے اور مجھے کوئی مسئلہ نہیں ہوا۔ مجھے پہلے فجر کی نماز اور مغرب کی نماز میں زیادہ پانی پینے سے بہت مشکل ہوتی تھی۔ پیٹ میں بہت کھینچاو ہوتا تھا پر اب الحَمدُ للّہ یہ مسئلہ بھی حل ہوگیا۔ میں بہت خوش ہوں یہ سرجری کروا کر۔ مجھے افسوس ہوتا ہے کے میں نے اس آپریشن میں دیر کیوں کی۔ اب میں بہت خوش ہوں اچھے کپڑے پہنے کا تیار ہونے کا ، کھل کر خوش ہونے کا۔ سب سے زیادہ خوشی ہوتی ہے کے اب مجھے بیٹی کے پریگننسی کے وقت کے کپڑے آجاتے ہیں۔ میں اپنی بیٹی کے وہ کپڑے پہنتی ہیں۔ الحمدللہ۔

S Faisal

“I found Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed highly trustworthy and efficient. I consulted him for the gastric bypass surgery. Since my first visit to his clinic, he proved to be incredibly supportive, efficient, and resourceful. I was relatively new to the weight loss surgery concept. Dr. Tanvir not only explained the entire concept but also guided me to opt for the most appropriate procedure based on my lab results. He is, undoubtedly, on top off his field. His precision and expertise for this procedure are evident from the fact that it’s been a year since I had the surgery and my health is better than ever, every passing day, improving. His clinic has the most up-to-date equipment to diagnose, analyze and evaluate the patients’ health concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Tanvir Raazi to all who are concerned about their health and obesity. All you have to do is make an appointment and meet the doctor. He will facilitate you in each and every step which is very important for a patient. His expert consultation resolves all of your queries, apprehension and concerns.

Shah Siddiqui

“I had my Inguinal hernia repair surgery from Dr. Tanvir. He is a very competent and dedicated surgeon who not only is an ace at the surgeries he performs but takes personal interest for the well being of his patients. Knows what he does and does it well. Highly recommended! “

Iqra Nehal

“My name is Kamran Asif and I have laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery from Dr. Tanvir. My constant weight gain was continuously causing me problems and made my lifestyle very unhealthy. My blood pressure was constantly high and I would have a hard time doing simple tasks. I got the surgery done in September 2019 and it has changed my life. Dr Tanvir did a complete breakdown that will happen pre and post-surgery and also explained all the benefits of getting this done. It was very easy to get in touch with him online and I just flew in from Saudi Arabia right before my surgery. I have reached my goal of 65kg and I have never felt better. Highly recommend this surgery and Doctor Tanvir.

Kamran Asif

“I had my surgery done in October 2020. My brother had his surgery done last year and he lost so much weight and recommended to me doctor Tanvir. I have been dieting all my life and also used to go to the gym but nothing helped me. I live in the US and before the surgery my weight was 85 kg and after a month it’s 79kg. Dr Tanvir and his staff explained everything very well and also gave me a diet plan to follow before my surgery. He is a wonderful doctor who cares about his patients. I recommend people who are having difficulty in losing weight to get this surgery done by Doctor Tanvir

Noor Nadeem

“Dr. Tanvir is an excellent surgeon. I had my gallbladder surgery and was discharged the same day. I live abroad and could travel without any pain. The staff is experienced and friendly. I highly recommend Doctor Tanvir and the hospital.

Sarah William

“Good experience

Naushaba Mansoor

“Doctor Tanvir is an amazing surgeon!! He is an expert in the field and very informative. He took his time to explain to me how the process would be and gave different options. Doctor obesity staff is amazing and everyone there is so helpful. Doctor Assistant Beenish was extremely helpful and diligent in my process as well. My bariatric surgery went perfectly well. I am just a month out, lost 8kg and already feeling great. I am so happy that I chose Doctor Obesity Clinic instead of going for surgery in Mexico which was my original plan being a US citizen and I am very satisfied with my decision. I highly recommend Doctor Tanvir to everyone who is considering bariatric surgery.

Erum Shirazi

“Got my wife’s Gallstone removed from Dr. Tanvir Raazi. Good consultant gives you ample time and answers to all your questions and queries related to the procedure in a very professional manner. Clearly explained the post care and was available on phone for all questions post care (that is when the patient needs doc the most) overall, very satisfied with his attitude and professionalism.

Usman Moeen

مجھے ہرنیا تھا دائیں ہاتھ پر۔ میں کار میکینک ہوں۔ میں ڈاکٹر تنویر کے پاس آیا انہوں نے میرا آپریشن کیا ۔ میں صبح ایڈمٹ ہوا اور آپریشن کے بعد اُسی دن رات میں چھٹی ہوگئی۔ ایک ہفتے میں بالکل ٹھیک ہوگیا۔ ہسپتال اور اسٹاف بھی بہترین تھا۔ اور میں اللّٰہ کے کرم سے بلکل ٹھیک ہوں


“Last year when my condition was extremely worst..i even can’t walk Straight. Or stand up by the pain of appendix as i have a complicated history of appendix… I went to Dr. Tanvir is an excellent surgeon. I had my appendectomy surgery.. And I’m satisfied…Allahamdulilah. may Allah bless you Ameen..

Omaima Andleeb

“I got my gastric sleeve done on 3-Nov-20 and it was one of the best decision of my life. I was unable to lose weight despite trying several diet regime and was on the verge of experimenting with unsafe products just to shed some pounds. The doctor understood my need to slim down and offered me the best solution for this. Not only this, he also assured me that I was treated in a safe environment and was very helpful post-operation. Highly recommended.

M Fatima

“I have done diets and exercise throughout my lifetime and have lost large amounts of weight. Each time, the weight has come back. As my age goes up and my health declines, I know I have to do something more. Getting the gastric sleeve was the best thing that I have done for myself. Even the day of surgery I knew that I would wake up in pain and possibly nauseous but that all would be fine. I won’t say this journey has been easy. There is no easy fix to weight loss. My new stomach was only a tool given to me by my surgeon Dr. Tanvir Raazi to help me in my weight loss journey. But what I can say: It has changed me. I have learned that my life doesn’t need to revolve around food. I have learned to make better choices and understand that, since surgery, everything I eat and how I exercise will affect my journey, and to maintain my loss, I need to continue working at this every day. I would like to thank Dr Tanvir Raazi, he’s an amazing human being … the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever met,” Dr. Tanvir gave me a tool to take my life back.”

S Adeel

Obesity is a disease. The fact that it is indeed a ‘Disease’ is not well recognized or even acknowledged by our societies. Hence it is significantly associated with psychological burdens. My weight loss journey or struggle is no different from any other obese person’s. At this stage let be obese or morbidly obese does not matter. Both feel the same set of emotional and moral turmoil aggravated with passive mood swings, depression, self loathe, self esteem, quality of life and body image. Now almost 2 years post bariatric surgery, I can confidently say that weight gain is the least of my worries. My weight loss has encouraged psychological improvements in me. From depression, eating disorders, social pressures, anxiety, mood swings to panic attacks, cravings, self-loathing, everything that seemed out of control because of being overweight, now seems to have no space in my life any more. I have said this before and will say it again that Dr Tanvir Raazi is my superstar. From the pre surgery to post, he has a remarkable quality to go out of the way to make sure all your questions are answered. He has worked with me to address my health concerns rather than just telling me what to do. He made sure that he and I were both on the same page and comfortable. His quality of work and commitment to service is highly commendable as it is clearly reflected through his work ethics. He bonds with his patients on a personal level to keep a check on them even years after surgery. At last but not the least I would just like to add my deepest appreciation for Dr. Tanvir Raazi’s incredible professionalism, amazing compassion and comprehensive care for me. For me and my family, Dr. Tanvir Raazi remains unparalleled on so many levels by far. May Allah Almighty bless him with more success in this world and Hereafter. Ameen

S Siddiqui

“Salam everyone! My aunt got her Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy from Dr. Tanvir back in January. She had been suffering for quite a while because of the stones that had accumulated in her gallbladder. This was an ongoing problem and she was still afraid of the surgery. However, when she met Dr. Tanvir, she was quite satisfied with his care, support, and expertise. He was with her throughout the journey which started from her first visit to the clinic and ended up with follow-up visits after the surgery. She was given the utmost amount of care from Dr. Tanvir. He was continuously available over the phone, responding to the smallest of issues. Very few surgeons are that dedicated towards their patients and their problems.

Khurram Ahmad

“My weight was 130 kg before I had Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Alhamdulillah now I am 92kgs I lost 38 kgs.I am very thankful to Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmed and his team for giving me a new life. I enjoy my life to the fullest now and I feel very healthy and happy.

A Aslam

اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ‎
آج میں آپ سے اپنا وہ تجربہ شیر کرنا چاہتی ہوں جو میری زندگی کا حاصل ھے, گیسٹرک بائے پاس سے پہلے میں بہت سی بیماریوں کا شکار تھی دل کی تکلیف ہڈیوں میں درد چلنا پھرنا مشکل تھا بلڈ پریشر بہت زیادہ رہتا تھا۔ ہائی ڈوز انسولین کے بعد بھی شوگر ہائی رہتی تھی بس یہ سمجھ لیں کہ مشکل ترین زندگی گزار رہی تھی۔ لیکن پھر میرے شوہر اور میں نے فیصلہ کیا کہ مجھے اپنی موٹاپے کی سرجری کرانا چاہیے۔ سرجری کے بعد تو جیسے زندگی ہی بدل گئی نا امیدی خوشی میں بدل گٸی ماشاءاللہ میں دوڑنے لگی ۔ ذیابطیس، بلڈ پریشر ، جوڑوں کا درد ، خراٹوں کا مسئلہ ختم ہوگیا۔ جو کام میں پہلے نہیں کر سکتی تھی وہ اب بہت آسانی سے کرلیتی ہوں ۔ باتیں بہت ہیں اب کیا کیا بتاٶں ہاں ایک بات جو سب سے اہم ہے وہ ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی کے بارے میں نہ بتانا اخلاقی جرم ہوگا ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی وہ انسان ہیں جن کی نیکیوں اور اچھائیوں کو لفظوں میں بیان نہیں کیا جاسکتا یہ میں آپ کو اپنا تجربہ بتا رہی ہوں میں ڈاکٹر تنویر سے پہلے بہت سے ڈاکٹرز سے ملی سب نے اپنے اپنے طریقے سے میرا علاج کیا نہ تو میں ذہنی طور پر مطمئن ہوئی اور نہ ہی جسمانی طور پر ٹھیک ہوئی۔ جب میں اور میرے شوہر ڈاکٹر تنویر سے ملے تو ہمیں لگا کہ ہم ٹھیک جگہ آۓ ہیں اور آج میری سرجری کو دو سال ہو گئے ہیں ۔ ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی قابل احترام، انسان دوست ڈاکٹر ہیں ان میں بہت انکساری اور ملنساری ھے, یہ کسی کو بھی مایوس نہیں کرتے ہر ایک کے کام آتے ہیں میرے ساتھ تو ہمیشہ انہوں نے نیکی کی ہے میں اُن کی بہت عزت اور احترام کرتی ہوں۔
اللہ تعالٰی آپ کے ہاتھ میں اور شفإ دے ۔ آمین۔ عفت غفار

Iffat Ghaffar

“I had my mini gastric bypass surgery 3 years back from Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad. It has been the best two years of my life. Not only did I lose 60 kg weight within the first year of the surgery, my life became happier and healthier with all my health issues solved like hypertension, PCOS , knee pain etc. Socially, life has improved tremendously too. I can go on vacations to mountains which I love and I can wear whatever I want to wear. I am truly happy and healthy now. Dr. Tanvir did a great job and his follow ups are still strong. He takes care of his patients not only during the surgery but also in the long run. The best thing about the surgery is weight maintenance. Getting bariatric surgery was the best decision of my life.

Beenish Fatima

“All praises to Allah Almighty. Went through so many tough days after the operation, finally feeling a lot better. In the beginning I was scared to go for this surgery but now I feel like this was the best decision I could have made for myself and it would not have been possible without the constant support of my husband and Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad . “Inna ma’al usri yusra beshak mushkil k baad asani hai” and indeed now I have started seeing all the good things that are coming my way. After so many years I am now able to go down in Sajdah Alhamdulillah and that is the best feeling ever. And I am enjoying all my ibadah more than ever because now I feel more healthy and active. Also, I was pre-diabetic before surgery but now I am absolutely fine. Thank you Dr. Tanvir for your support and guidance throughout.

S Sajid

“I am UK trained Pulmonologist. I had bariatric surgery a while ago. It was simply life changing event for me. All my sufferings related to obesity has completely disappeared within 06 months. I don’t have words to thank him. He is an absolutely marvelous surgeon and an amazing human being. I highly recommend his name for Bariatric procedures.

Zubair Ahmed

“The best MGB surgeon in town.

Saira S

“Last week I underwent a laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery with due complaints of relatively high blood sugar and blood pressure, more or less for four years. Dr. Tanvir Raazi conducted this surgery and as he made me aware earlier, it went almost painless. I was able to mobilise a few hrs later to the surgery. Next day I was discharged from the hospital and after a couple of days I was able to fly back to my family station in Islamabad. Right this moment I’m available in ISB. I’m thankful to Dr. Tanvir and his team; they are kind enough, competent, easy to approach and do offer customized tailor made schedules in provisions of patient(s) ease, if condition does allow. I must pray for his continued services, success and for future endeavor. Sincerely, Saad

Muhammad Saad

“My father got an infection and gallstones. We contacted Dr. Tanvir Raazi and he immediately advised us for an operation. The operation went really well and the day after operation my father was discharged. Dr. Tanvir Raazi is a nice, generous and a kind hearted person who knows how to treat and talk to his patients in such a nice manner that the patients themselves feel comfortable with him.

Usaid Hasan

“I suffered from Necrosis of Pancreas a year back and was blessed to have Dr. Tanvir as my doctor. As the name of the disease implies, my pancreas went dead and my chances of survival were very slim by the time I was taken under his care. Dr. Tanvir performed two laparoscopic (open abdomen) surgeries on me – both of which were successful – thanks to Allah and then to his skilled and able hands. His skills were critical for my survival! His surgical skills and post-operative care skills enabled me to be on my feet within a year. Alhamdulillah, my pancreas has regenerated, the excess body fluid retention has been permanently taken care of, the puss cavity near my pancreas is devoid of any puss. All these were achieved under his direct care. Now I am under rehabilitation and still under his care – I am now only taking multivitamins, having regular walks (1 hour daily), and following the diet suggested by him. Every coming day is now Alhamdulillah better than the day that has passed. I highly recommend any person wishing to have or compelled to have laparoscopic surgery to Dr. Tanvir. May Allah bless him ad infinitum – Aameen!

Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

“I came from London to undergo the mini gastric bypass surgery and I must admit I am very happy with the procedure. During my visit there I had visited a variety of different doctors yet Dr. Tanvir Raazi has the best services suited to my needs. In Fact even after my procedure Dr. Tanvir Raazi stayed in contact with me via communication services such as WhatsApp to ensure that my health and recovery went smoothly. I am incredibly thankful to have found such a wonderful doctor and quite frankly this surgery has changed my life for the better . Thank you so much Doctor Tanvir Raazi !

Mrs. M Khan

“I am a doctor. I had my gastric sleeve surgery 2 months ago. This is a life changing experience and I feel confident and happy. I thought I could never lose weight. For the past few months my knee pain became unbearable. I was unable to pray at the age of 40 and it made me depressed. Alhumdullilah I have no pain at all. I pray like everybody else. My Overall experience is very good, as it is an overnight stay procedure, I took just 4 days leave from work (my hospital). My husband was against weight loss surgery but the minute he met Dr. Tanvir he got convinced. He then strongly encouraged me. The love, care, passion and professionalism which I received from Dr. Tanvir really touched my heart. I am glad that I made the right decision on time.

Dr. B Moiz

“My main aim to get weight loss surgery was to treat my metabolic syndrome i.e. to get rid of the diseases caused by obesity. For me, blood pressure, being pre-diabetic, irregular sleeping patterns, excessive urination and snoring were the key issues which required attention along with excessive body fat. Three months post-surgery, I was able to perform sajda during prayers after 10 years of missing it. Of all the benefits the surgery provided me, this was the most special gift for me leading to a very emotional moment. Alhamdulillah. Now, I fit in most of the readymade boutique clothes and my shoe size has also decreased and is easily available. My gold bangles slip on easily, which I have saved as memories from my youth. My post-surgery experience was a roller coaster ride with ups and downs as my body got used to my new digestive system and I was adjusting to new ways of gaining energy and maintaining it. It was worth the ride! During the journey, the support of Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad was remarkable. He was responsive to my queries instantly. He is a good listener and calms one down with his unique counselling techniques. His availability on phone and accessibility in clinics is what sets him apart among others in this field. I was provided with strict guidelines by Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad, both before and after the surgery. Everything I was doing or experiencing was accurately monitored, be it food intake, water consumption, or medicine utilization etc. The biggest challenge and change was my relationship with food. I missed food and with passage of time, now adjusted to a healthier lifestyle where I can have what I want in portions. My blood pressure medicine has stopped completely, I am able to walk a lot faster and for longer periods, and my pre-diabetic condition has resolved itself. The surgery helps kick start the journey towards a healthier life. You just need to be confident and commit to a new lifestyle completely in order to sustain the benefits. I strongly recommend Doctor Obesity Clinic for weight loss surgery.

A Abdul Jabbar

“Assalamoalaikum… I had my Mini Gastric Bypass…I am Alhamdulillah satisfied with my decision…I am type 1 diabetic and insulin dependent…I used to take 90 units of insulin per day before the surgery but now within a month I was taking 38 units… Now I take only 16 units Alhamdulillah Summa Alhamdulillah I am losing weight and that’s a big deal for me… Dr. Tanveer Raazi did my surgery…so I highly recommend him because he is really the best doctor…

H Habib

“Nice experience. DR.TANVIR RAAZI AHMED is very helpful and kind. First when the Dr. told me about the surgery I was very afraid of this but now I realized that my decision of the surgery was right.

Rasheeda M

“I had a great experience with Dr. Tanvir. He did surgery on my mother a few months back and now Alhamdulillah my mother enjoys life without pain. Dr. Tanvir is a very nice and caring Dr. He treats his patient just like his own family member. His suggestions and recommendations are totally experience based. I think this type of Dr. is very low in numbers in our society. My best wishes are always with you.

Shoaib Hasan

“Very friendly and professional doctor. There are very few doctors who are humble and approachable, he is one of those.

Verified Patient

“I had my bariatric surgery done by him. The Experience was very very good. He takes great care of his patients and the best thing about him is that he is always available for you. He keeps on taking follow-up and also makes sure that his patient is fully satisfied with him.

Verified Patient

“He did my surgery and I am more than satisfied with him. He is not only good in his field but also a very humble and polite doctor in nature.

Verified Patient

دو ماہ کم دو سال قبل، ہماری والدہ محترمہ کو پیٹ کی شدید تکلیف اور الٹیوں کے سبب ہسپتال لے جانا پڑا۔ ڈاکٹروں نے الٹرا ساونڈ کے ذریعے پتے میں پتھری تشخیص کی۔ ڈاکٹر رازی سے ہمارا رابطہ پہلی مرتبہ ہوا۔ ڈاکٹر صاحب نے ایک مقامی اور کم مہنگے ہسپتال میں تھیٹر ارینج کرکے مطلع کیا۔ جس دن والدہ محترمہ کو ہسپتال میں داخل کیا گیا، ضروری تجزیہ جات کے بعد اسی دن لیب کولی ٹیکنیک کے ذریعہ پتہ جسم خارج کردیا گیا۔ چند گھنٹے مشاہدے کے بعد جنرل وارڈ میں منتقل کردیا۔ اگلے دن ڈاکٹر صاحب نے دوپہر کو دورہ کیا، والدہ کا معائنہ کیا۔ حالت تسلی بخش پا کر رخصت دے دی۔ ہم اللہ کا شکر ادا کرتے ہیں کہ آپریشن کے دوران اور مابعد کوی دشواری یا پیچیدگی کا سامنا نہیں کرنا پڑا۔ ہم سب اہل خانہ مع والدہ صاحبہ بہترین انتظام اور معالجہ کیلئے ڈاکٹر رازی اور ان کی ٹیم کیلئے دعاگو ہیں۔ مع السلام۔ سعد

Muhammad Saad

Highly recommended and fully satisfied with his treatment

Verified Patient

“I have got metabolic lapro surgery done by him , he did amazing job , fully satisfied and referring others too

Verified Patient

“I had my bariatric surgery 1.5 years back from Dr. Tanveer Raazi Ahmed. I got from 140 kg to 80 kg. It’s life changing. He is a great surgeon and the surgery has changed my life for good. I am different and a lot better person. Doctor made the whole process very easy for me from the decision to the surgery to today. Highly recommended.

B Fatima

“My review about my journey in weight loss journey from the First day till now. I’ve been always overweight almost my childhood till now lots of complications being overweight low confidence and lists goes on. I was 173 kg when I visited Dr. Tanvir clinic for the first time. It was such a wonderful experience which I had till today. I am happy about the changes in my health. I had sleeve surgery and I didn’t have complications after surgery. One month after my surgery I feel fantastic. Thank God I found Dr. Tanvir and his team did a lot till now. They keep in touch every single day to check up on us. Allah brings more and more blessings to this Dr. Tanvir. Alhamdulillah My weight is 131 kg now after just 3 months. If anyone is having second thoughts please don’t it be life changing. I have experienced it myself and I am highly satisfied.

Tereapii Ngametua

Myself, Dr. Asma Umbreen, underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy,  two months ago. Before finalizing for surgery, I have had detailed discussion with the experts in the field and looked into other surgical options as well, like liposuction / tummy tuck. Being related to the medical profession, it wasn’t difficult to decide that the better option is sleeve gastrectomy. After meeting with a few of the bariatric surgeons, I finally met Dr. Tanvir Raazi found him very professional, cooperative and skilled. What is special about him is that he is open to any discussion not only before, but after surgery as well and personally involved with the patients regarding any post surgical issues. Also he has very professional and cooperative staff and I would Specifically like to mention Ms. Benish, being very friendly, approachable and helpful. The facility is also very good and up-to-the-mark.
Now after two months of surgery, I can confidently say that I am very satisfied with the results as they are in compliance with what Dr. Tanvir has predicted before surgery and is looking forward to the results being achieved.
I strongly recommend over-weight individuals, diabetics, and others who are looking for a permanent solution to this, to at least have a discussion with Dr. Tanveer.  In the end, I would like to say “Thanks” to Dr. Tanveer and his team for their outstanding work.

Dr. Asma

“In 2015, Dr. Tanvir saved my life. Before I met him, I was in the hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for more than 60 hours with strong pain in my belly and other doctors were reassuring me that I have allergic gastritis, and there is nothing to worry about. However, when they finally called Dr. Tanvir, he examined me and said that I needed emergency surgery. The surgery could take place only in about 3 hours because Dr. Tanvir was already on his way to another difficult case. Unfortunately, right after he left, I realized that something was going completely wrong because the pain started to enhance and became unbearable. During the surgery, the reason for my sufferings became clear – it was my appendix which eventually ruptured and led to strong pelvic peritonitis. When I woke up after the surgery, instead of a large vertical scar crossing my whole belly (which is usually the case for treating peritonitis), I saw only three little holes and drainage tubes coming out of them. The next day, Dr. Tanvir came to me and explained what happened and what was done, even though at that point I did not understand the actual danger I had been through. After I was discharged, I never felt aside, Dr. Tanvir would pick up the phone any time, answering my questions and all the time I felt safe and taken care of. His calmness and strength along with clear explanations and advice help to recover quicker. I have never met such a selfless and devoted doctor, and I am cordially thankful to him for saving my life. Even when he has a clinic after several surgeries and looks completely exhausted, he does not put any stress on his patients, listening to them patiently, cheering them up and treating them well. Peritonitis brought many problems to my life for about half a year, however, I am happy that it also gave me the opportunity to know Dr. Tanvir. To me, he is now more than a doctor, he is more like a relative. P.S. The funny part of this story is that nobody, including good surgeons, believes me now that I had peritonitis when they look at the little scratches on my belly. This once again proves Dr. Tanvir’s brilliant professionalism.

Evgenia Predybaylo

“Alhamdulillah I’m very satisfied with my sleeve gastrectomy surgery and very thankful to Dr. Tanvir. I was 130kg. Now  I’m 120 in 40 days. Dr. Tanvir is such a great Doctor in obesity diseases thanks for everything.


“My experience from sleeve surgery has been overall very satisfactory up till now. Surgery. I’ve lost up to 41 kg up till now. Everything is going well Alhamdulillah. No regrets :))

Zeeshan Abbas

“I have struggled with weight all my life. I’ve tried several diets and medicines and thought “this is the one.” Only to find I would put the weight back on and then some. I knew the older I got it would be harder for it to come off. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, high BP, joint pain and diabetes. My doctor told me if I wanted to live long enough to see my grandchildren grow up, I needed to make some serious changes. I decided to research having bariatric surgery. It was the best decision I have ever made. With my doctor, we made the decision to have the Gastric Sleeve surgery. Not only do I feel great, my doctor has removed me from all my diabetic, and high blood pressure medications. I had my bariatric surgery in September of 2019. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Zain Ul Abideen

“He is very nice Doctor, i had colorectal cancer and dr razi did my surgery , he has done great job now i am living healthy life


“Assalam O Alaikum Mera naam IFFAT GHAFFAR hail,28 March 2019 ko mera MINIGASTRIC BYPASS hua tha jo ke Dr.Tanvir Raazi Ahmed ne kiya tha.meri height 5.2 ha or is height pr operation se phle mera wazan 100kg tha.Mein bht si bemarion mein mubtala thi jsmen high B.P,high sugar,dil ki takleef shamil thi or In bemarion ki wja se mein bht si dawaiyan leti thi jese Nebix,Co-Diovan,Dulan,Losar Plus.Sugar high hone ki waja se insulin ka high doze lena prta tha.Mera HbA1c 12 tha.Depression or logon se mlna julna blkl km krdia tha confidence khtm hogya tha blkl..life tkreeban khtm hochki thi.Lkn phr is operation neeri zindagi bdl di… wo bemarian, pareshanian , wo 100kg ka weight sb blkl dur hogya..ese jese k koi khwab tha or ankh khul gae.. Aj 1 saal bad mera wazan 55kg hai or high sugar,insulin ke high dozes,dil mein takleef sb khtm hogya ha.HbA1c bhi 6 hai..or khd ko phle se ziada active or jawan mehsoos krti hun.Shru k 3 mahine to mjhy liquid diet p rkha gya phr ahista ahista mein normal diet pr agyi..AJ Allah ka shukar Ha ALHUMDULILLAH mn ab apni zindagi ki trf dobara loti hun or is ki wja se mein Dr.Tavir Raazi Ahmed ki bhi bht shukarguzar hun k unhone operation k bad b mjhse meri sehat k bare mn bht khyal rkha or aj b ik behtreen Dr ki trh jb b mjhy apni tabiyat mein koi khraabi mhsoos hoti hai to mein asaani se inse share krti hun or ye bht tahammul se bt sunte or krte hn or prblm ka solution bta dete hn..THANK YOU Dr.Tanvir Jo b y cmnt prhe or is trh ki ksi b bemari ka shikar ho mein usr ye mashwara dngi k ap Dr.se mashwara len or agr ye operation ap ko suggest kia jaye to is pr ghor kren.SHUKRIYA

Mrs ghaffar

“Dr. Tanveer is excellent in his profession, always guides, Keeps in touch for follow-ups after my surgery. I am very much satisfied with his approach and practice.


“MashaAllah my experience was wonderful. Dr. Tanveer Raazi has vast experience in his field . He has such a convincing ability that on my 1st visit I decided to go for surgery and it was the best decision I could ever have made for myself.

Mrs Samina

“It was good overall

Umme Hani

“I am a doctor and have been suffering  from obesity for the last 15 years and tried my best to overcome it. All my efforts failed, then I decided for weight loss surgery and travelled to meet Dr. Tanvir Raazi at Doctor Obesity Clinic in Karachi. My experience was amazing, Dr. Tanvir  is so nice  and he satisfied  me with all my fears  and queries about surgery. Care and communication before and after surgery from the Doctor’s team was superb. I recovered very quickly and joined my duty within one week. I have already lost 7 kg and feel lighter and healthy. Follow up is great whenever I need Dr. Tanveer and Beenish they always respond, JazakAllah. I highly recommend Doctor Obesity clinic for overweight patients who want to reduce weight and to enjoy a healthy life.

Dr. S Shehzad

“I am very happy with my sleeve surgery but it was a bit up and down for the first few days but it was well worth it and now that I have lost 22 pounds in a month I feel so quick, light and energetic. Doctor Tanvir Raazi and his staff did a great job, they are highly professional. I would highly recommend this surgery for every one who wants to lose weight effectively.

Mrs. K Noman

Dr Tanveer did my bariatric surgery in June 2019 .. My weight was 97 & now I’m 57 .. Alhamdulillah I lost 40 Kg. After my surgery I am so happy & satisfied with my surgery  .. I can wear anything without any worries because now I’m so satisfied with my weight .. I can go anywhere & can face everyone without any one’s taunts & suggestions on how to lose weight on top of that I got married.

Mrs. Saba Zubair

“I have been struggling with being overweight for a few years. My health was gradually declining. I was losing my stamina, had pitting edema on my legs and feet and had become borderline diabetic. It was getting harder to perform daily tasks. I was even unable to perform my prayer while standing and had to sit down to pray which was heartbreaking for me. I tried my level best to reduce my weight but nothing seemed to work. I began considering getting bariatric surgery and in the search for a bariatric surgeon, I came to know about Dr. Tanvir Raazi. I had a lot of queries in my mind about bariatric surgery but when I met Dr. Tanvir cleared my confusion and helped me to make the decision of surgery. I must say Dr. Tanveer is like a blessing of God for me. Not only a great surgeon but also a good human being. He not only takes good pre and post operative care but also supports patients morally. I would also like to appreciate his entire team for good behavior and care. I want to thank Dr. Tanveer for helping me transform my life. I would recommend people who are struggling with obesity and related issues to come to Dr. Tanveer and get the ultimate solution for their problems.

Dr. Fouzia Rafiq

“In the beginning, I was 101 kg and right now after my Gastric bypass surgery, I am at 84.7 kg. Still, a long way to go in sha Allah. The process is slow compared to others but no worries, I hope to win the race as a tortoise😊.
Overall experience is good, feeling confident, energetic and happy to hear reviews from others.
Experience with Dr. Tanvir is good as no need to say how cooperative he is with his patients, giving quality time, suggestions to have good results.
Exploring my cupboard and feeling the joy to be fit in all my favorite clothes realize that it was one of the best decisions I have taken for myself.
Many many thanks to Dr. Tanvir stay blessed.

Mrs. S Wasim

“After my bariatric surgery I lost 45 kg in just 10 months. Life has suddenly become amazing and awesome. First time in my life I can dress up the way I like. All of a sudden the negative  comments because of my weight has become positive

Mrs. Erum Hassan

“I had my weight loss surgery i.e. Sleeve gastrectomy. I am 2 months post op and I have lost 18 kg Masha Allah and lots more to go. I feel very active and energetic now. I used to get imported clothes for me as my size was not available  in any store in Karachi. I am so happy that I can already fit in the available dress sizes and can do shopping easily. Dr. Tanvir is a very good  surgeon , he really takes care of his patients and keeps on constant follow up.

Ayaz Ahmed

Salaam Everyone, I’m a 47 years old professional in the energy sector. I have been experiencing obesity, diabetics, mild fatty liver and high blood pressure. Almost everyone in my family suffers from diabetes problems, you can say kind a family deficiency.

Last year I heard about the Bariatric surgery, and Surgeon specialist Dr. Tanvir Ahmed Raazi. Initially,  I did not agree with the claims what they made for and decided to reach the conclusion by self, and  had a deep study followed by reviews and research, ascertainment of during and post surgery complications and risk associated with and came up with the conclusion, finally underwent the gastric bypass surgery by Mar 2020. I have been shifted to home by next day and joined the office in Islamabad on 6th day

Now a year & quarter passed over, I got my weight 93kg from any point of 118 kg, HB1AC (sugar absorption indicator in blood)  reversed from 7.6 to 6.2, with and w/out medicines respectively, blood pressure is also get stabilized, last but not least feeling like blessed blossomed, flourished and physically fit, Alhamdulillah

My few suggestions for those who are still in transit mode, yet to take the decision:
1.)Assess your standpoint, go through decision tree developed by by International Federation for the Surgery of OBESITY,  and American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
2)If you have reached any point of decision, don’t stay longer. You must move on quickly for sake of betterment of your life
3) Don’t underestimate, your physicians advices during and after treatment
4) Proteins, vitamins, minerals supplement and a balanced diet is the key to the success of your remaining life.
Finally I wish to extend my gratitude and thankful sentiments with everyone, who guided, motivated and introduced me to this kind of treatment. Moreover, doctor consultant, surgeon, hospital and clinical staff, Dr. Raazi and everyone associated with him, stay blessed……..!!!

Saad Khan

For the last 10 years I had struggled with obesity with being over 100kg. I tried constantly to lose weight, I tried a variety of different diets for months on end (Egg diet, salad diet) with no results. Constant time at the gym didn’t seem to aid in any weight loss either. Not weight that I could sustain over a long period of time anyway.

In the last 5 years I had managed to bring my weight down to 70kg with great difficulty. But as soon as I stopped going to gym and eased my diet a little, my weight instantly shot up to around 80kg in a couple months. I had atheritis, I had thyroid, Asthema, my cholesterol always remained high, I was borderline diabetic (I had been taking medications like Metformin for these for over a decade).

However, I had heard about the ‘Gastric Bypass surgery’ about 2 years ago and had been researching it ever since. I had found a good surgery spot in Turkey and had even booked the surgery with a world renowned doctor there. But I had to suddenly visit Pakistan in October 2019, while there I randomly searched up surgery locations near me and Dr. Tanvir raazi was the first option that showed up on search engines. And I was very intrigued by Dr. Tanvir because he’s a doctor that has studied from London.

Before booking I went to Agha khan hospital, Ziauddin hospital and Liaquat National hospital. But I soon met Dr. Tanvir, it became easy to decide where and who I wanted to perform my surgery. Dr Tanvir Raazi is a very good doctor who guided me well, was willing to answer all my questions and enquiries about this surgery.

He then performed the surgery. It was a minor surgery, I was only in the hospital for 1 night. The doctor did all my tests before and after my discharge. Dr Tanvir is still in contact with me 2 years after my surgery.

Ever since I’ve had my operation, my asthma has been under control, I’ve stopped taking medications for my diabetes, stopped taking arthritis related pain killers etc. I’m 43 years old and I feel as if I’ve become 20 years old 😂 It’s as if I’ve been given a new life! Prior to this surgery I was constantly fatigued and could barely commit to day to day tasks. But I’m very active now and even my kids tell me this. I first say shukar alhamdulillah to God and then give thanks to my doctor. You have changed my life and I will forever be grateful that I no longer have to constantly be cautious about what I am eating, how much I am eating and how often I am eating it. Due to this surgery I only eat what is necessary for my body to function healthily.

Thanks again doctor! This surgery has been transformative for my life!

Mariam Khan

Splendid service, great atmosphere and an excellent doctor.

K Ahmad

“If i could give 5000 stars , I would. I met Dr. Tanvir Raazi through my sister. He is an excellent doctor, compassionate and friendly. Very attentive and explains everything and does not rush through a visit. He handles everything in a very timely manner and is very reassuring with any worry we may have. Very direct and specific with medical and/or surgical plan. we Couldn’t be happier with the service we get there .. I would recommend Dr. Tanvir Raazi to everyone having obesity related issues. He is the Best.

Naima Saleem

“I just want to share my success story with you all. It was the month of March 2021 when my boss came to me and asked me about bariatric surgery in a town hall meeting and that surgery was almost strange for all of us. He shared with me the link of Dr. Obesity Clinic. I kept on reviewing the links every weekend and was very surprised with the results of before and after results, but a fear of surgery was in my mind.
For 3 months, I did not visit the Doctor Obesity Clinic for consultation. I called Dr. Kaleem (a patient of Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad). He guided me each and every step of surgery and about foods he eats after surgery and how his quality of life has improved. Atlast I visited Dr. Obesity Clinic in July and met Dr. TanvIr  Raazi and had a detailed discussion. But the fear was still there and I was continuously watching the videos on Bariatric surgery.
So finally in the last week of October I decided to go for the surgery because I was at 129 kg with Obesity level 3 and I cannot walk due to joint pain and my sugar and HBA1C levels silently increased which was discovered in pre surgery testing.
I had joined three different sessions of boot camps and gym for weight loss but always in vain. Finally on 1st of November 2021, I had my Gastric bypass surgery and now I am 110 kg. 19 kg weight loss in two months. I highly recommend people who are obese and hesitation for surgery. This is almost a painless surgery and within 24 hours the patient is discharged from the hospital. Thanks to Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad. Good days ahead

Iftikhar Ali

” I decided to have my weight loss surgery after struggling for almost 12 years, and I am 22 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance at a very young age. I was often on one diet or another but there was no result. When I first met Dr. Tanvir Raazi, it was a remarkable experience as he was insightful and made me feel entirely comfortable. After a couple of tests he suggested that I have gastric sleeve surgery as it was best for my age. My experience with Dr. Tanvir Raazi and his staff was wonderful. They were persistent, stood by my side and communicated diligently with me. The information that was provided before and after the surgery was pretty helpful and the diet plans I was given was easy to follow. Although it’s been only a month and I have lost 10 kg, I feel amazing, confident and a better person. I’m honored and grateful for Dr. Tanvir Raazi and his staff. Thank you!

Miss I Khalid

“I am 18 years old and I had gastric sleeve surgery.
I had tried losing weight constantly over the past 5 years with little to no change and then I found out about this magical operation through a family friend.
It was an impulsive decision but it was a good one.
Over the past 30 days I’ve lost 11 kg and I feel a lot lighter on my feet and movements have become faster as well.
I think this surgery is the best decision I have made.

Miss H khan

I’m Nousheen yousaf
My weight went from 101 to 92 in just 15 days! Amazing!
Alhumduillah I’m very happy,  health is wealth. I was fed up with dieting and exercising all my life  but I never lost weight. Then I met Dr. Tanvir along with my mother and had a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. Today is my 15 day Alhamdulillah . I’m happy and satisfied.
All team members are very nice they doing great job 👍
Dr Tanvir is a nice man and explains everything  to your level.
Life is very important. Don’t be afraid of this surgery, come and visit Dr. Tanvir.
Don’t wait to change your life.

Nosheen Yosuf

“You are overweight, why don’t you diet, why don’t you work out?”. These are some truths of my life which I have been listening to since my teenage, and now I’m glad that I have taken this decision though I have taken it late, but for betterment nothing is late.
Dr Tanvir Razi is the person behind it. I was very confused as well as afraid but he helped me to make this decision. I just want a healthy life. When I think about bariatric surgery the first question I ask him is will I live a healthy life? or Do I have to visit the doctor again and again? Does this make me an active person? or Will it turn me into a person who needs extra care? but now I can answer all these questions to anyone who is thinking about it. Since the day of my surgery till now I have been feeling better every day, 1 week was the time when I have gone through pain but after that one by one all my problems were solved. Back pains, heels pain, black patches on my neck are just as if I didn’t have them. I’m on my journey I lose 12 kg in 2 months my skin is becoming fresh I don’t have two tone skin now and the feeling is out of the world and the best part is I’m feeling fresh every day and eating healthy everyday as if I am living for myself Alhamdulillah I have overcome from all the complications and one superb after effect is I cannot eat too much now.

Umme Hani

“Assalam u Alaikum,
I am writing all this because I just want to share my personal experience to help people like me who are worried and eager to change their lives.
I got my liposuction done by a very famous & reputed Doctor, But my experience was the worst. The procedure was not only very painful but also very expensive.  After all of this struggle, I got very minimal results in body appearance ( zero results in weight loss as lipo is not a weight loss surgery I Knew ). Also, I had to bear around 50k+ after surgery for medications and pressure garments etc.  I went for biceps and tummy 360 lipo which cost me around 7.5 lakh rupees. It was just a waste of money.
After 3 months of lipo, I was totally disappointed so I started searching for new solutions to my problem.  Then with the grace of Allah, I found Dr Tanvir Raazi. I decided to go for bariatric surgery. The experience of bariatric and Tanvir Raazi was just awesome along with his very professional and cooperative team in very reasonable charges. I did not bear any extra or hidden medication charges even after the surgery. And the most important and best thing is that I have lost 18kg weight within 2 months Alhamdulillah kaseera, and to be honest, it is the first time ever in my entire life. I was never able to reduce more than 4kgs in two months ever before with any diet plan or any exercise etc.
My procedure was Sleeve gastrectomy which was almost painless to me as compared to the liposuction. I have experienced both procedures personally, so I would never suggest any person with 25+ BMI to go for lipo. No matter how much any doctor or his assistant convinces you that your height is good, you are young, you can have lipo, or you can have great results if you do exercise with this procedure blah blah…..
I would suggest you to please don’t waste your money and efforts on useless things. You must study thoroughly before making any decision about your health. Sleeve gastrectomy brought a very beautiful and positive change to my life in only 2 months. I am writing the review after 2 months just to make sure of the results. Just did not want to face those horrible results again. But Alhumdulillah luckily I found a very good Dr. and his very cooperative team (specially Beenish, she is very cooperative such a beautiful soul MashaAllah ) Alhamdulillah I am very happy and 100% satisfied with the treatment and results and thankful to Allah. ALHUMDULILLAHI Kaseera❤️

Aniqa A

“I wish I would have done it sooner! It’s been a month since my gastric bypass operation and I can safely say that this is the best decision I made for my health.
My experience with Dr. Tanvir and his team was more than I could have asked for. He is an amazing doctor and person. My gastric bypass surgery was fast and recovery was super fast. My healing process was as if I had done nothing, just a tiny bit of pain.
The first thing he told me is that obesity is a disease and it is not my fault, and that I am not lazy and I deserve a healthy happy life. He understood the struggles I had faced throughout my life.
I am a working mother of two kids. I have been suffering from obesity since I could remember. I always thought that I was not giving it my all! After the birth of my first child I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. It became more  difficult to lose weight after that. I was depressed, frustrated and I always thought I was not good enough. I tried my best to lose weight but it was always temporary. You name a diet and I have done that! I wished I had energy to play with my kids! Each and every part of my body was in pain. I could not get a good night’s sleep. When I heard about weight loss surgery I started my own research, it took me a whole year to make this decision. I was concerned that I should not make any unnecessary changes in my body. But this change was necessary. When we see the pros and cons, the pros of this surgery are higher than the cons. I wish I had made this decision sooner. People are afraid of the word operation but now I know that obesity is more scary than this operation. This “operation” is the best help you can get to lose weight. It is a tool that will make your life better.
Dr. Tanvir Raazi is an angel disguised as a doctor. He guides you and helps you in any way he can. The best thing about his approach is that he does not hide anything from you. This surgery is not magic. You need to work hard and follow the doctor’s advice. Once you do that you can take control of your life.

Urooj Seemi

My name is Kamran Asif. I live in Saudi Arabia. I was 132 kg two years ago. I was going through a lot of problems due to my increasing weight, my work and personal life was suffering, my day to day life was becoming extremely difficult. Then through my brother I came to know about Dr. Tanvir Raazi, he gave me amazing consultation online and I decided to go for the surgery. I came to Karachi for my gastric bypass/ weight loss surgery  in 2019 and stayed only for 4 days and then had all my follow ups online. I have had complete and continuous online support from the clinic since then. Now in 2022 I am 62 kg and living the best life I ever could. Now I sleep like a baby without snoring. I never thought that I would lose 70 kgs (154 pounds) in just 14 months and would be able to maintain it so easily. Any one having an obesity disease shall not waste another minute to take this decision. I highly recommend Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad for bariatric surgery.

Kamran Asif

Assalam o Alaikum I had my bariatric surgery 3 months back by Dr. Tanvir Raazi and it has been a wonderful experience throughout. I was so afraid and it took me 6 months to make my decision. Dr. Tanvir is the most kind and humble person. His guidance throughout before and after up till now has gave me courage and confidence. I have lost 25 kg in last three months and I am living my best life Alhamdulillah’s
Dr. Tanveer Raazi is the best and highly recommended.

S Danish

“I got my mini gastric bypass done from Dr. Tanvir Raazi. This surgery has been a great success. I lost 12 kgs in 2 months. I also used to suffer from diabetes, cholesterol, sleep apnea and blood pressure and used to take medication for each one of them but now i take none. I’ve also noticed that I’m much more active than i was before the surgery. I’m incredibly thankful for Dr. Tanvir and his team. They’ve guided me every step of the way throughout the journey. I wholeheartedly recommend bariatric surgery if you are suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity etc.  Dr. Tanvir Raazi is the best.

Seema Q

I lived all my life in Texas and started gaining a lot of weight with time to the point it became dangerous!
I tried everything! Dieting & exercising but nothing seemed to work, my family and I found Dr. Tanvir Raazi in Karachi and met up with him where he explained to me thoroughly that I had a hormone problem and he recommended which surgery for me is the best, and finally I had mini gastric bypass. Ever since  then I have had more energy and all of my other health issues faded away! Beenish and Staff are very welcoming and friendly and the office is very clean. All in all I’m very happy with meeting Dr. Raazi and staff. I give this place a 9/10!

Naila Ahmed

“Salam All, For those who are still thinking to get it done….. I am a doctor myself and I recommend bariatric surgery because it doesn’t only make you slim and regain your good looks but it is the only and lasting solution to all the health problems related to obesity. You loose weight in a natural way by eating controlled quantity and workout…. Dr Tanvir Razi and his team provides you best possible support and guidance stepwise. Your surgeon is just one call away. One of the best reasons to get it done is the weight will never come back!! So don’t overthink… Invest in your health and you’ll be at your best InshaAllah.

Dr S Asher

My name is Dr. F Nazir, I am 21 yrs old. I am from Hyderabad and I had my one anastomosis gastric bypass / mini gastric  bypass surgery on 24 November 2021 by Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad in Karachi.
I have been suffering from obesity almost all my life which has affected me not only physically but mentally too. I tried several diets and exercises and every time the lost weight came back, there was no permanent solution to this at that time. After meeting Dr. Tanvir Raazi the best thing I realized was that “obesity and being overweight is a disease and it’s not your fault ”. Most people think getting operated for just weight loss is not worth it and some might fear it but after experiencing it myself I realized that it was the best decision I made. I feel so much more energetic and motivated towards my life, I am really happy and satisfied that I met Dr Tanvir, his staff and went through this surgery. Alhamdulillah my MINI GASTRIC BYPASS experience went best and I started walking a few hours after surgery and got back to my normal routine within a few days, all thanks to Dr. Tanvir as he is undoubtedly the best and on top of his field. Whoever is worried about weight loss should meet Dr. Tanvir, he will provide you with the best guidance and motivate you towards a healthy life, In Sha Allah this will be the best decision of your life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Dr F Nazir

“Dr. Tanvir Raazi is my family surgeon. I am just 26 years old, I was suffering  from obesity since young age. I faced so many issues all my life being an obese child and young adult. I tried to loose weight many times but in vain. Few of my relatives had bariatric surgery with Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad and they got wonderful. Then I met Dr. Tanvir for this issue after detailed analysis he recommended Gastric Bypass surgery. I went through the surgery with Dr. Tanvir and his team. I was 130 kg at the time of surgery and just after a month I am 114 kg. I am feeling so much more healthier and active now. I would highly recommend Doctor Obesity Clinic for weight loss surgery.

Taha Rabbani

میرا تعلق پنج گور بلوچستان سے ہے۔ میرا وزن کچھ عرصے سے بڑھ رہا تھا جس کی وجہ سے میں ہارمون کی بیماری کا شکار ہوگئی۔ مجھے ڈاکٹر نے وزن کم کرنے کا مشورہ دیا۔ جس کے بعد میں نے کھانا کم کر کے وزن کم کرنے کی کوشش کی مگر ناکام رہی۔ پھر مجھے پتہ چلا کے کراچی میں ڈاکٹر تنویر راضی احمد وزن کم کرنے کا آپریشن کرتے ہیں ۔ میں کراچی آئی اور ڈاکٹر تنویر سے ملاقات کی۔ انہوں نے بہت اچھے طریقے سے وزن کم کرنے کے آپریشن کے بارے میں مجھے سمجھایا۔ میں نے اسی وقت فیصلہ کیا اور آپریشن کی تاریخ لے لی۔ آج میرے آپریشن کو ساتھ ماہ گذر گئے ہیں اور میری زندگی بدل گئی ہے۔ ابھی تک میرا بیس کلو وزن کم ہو چکا ہے اور صحت کے مسئلے بھی حل ہونے لگ گئے ہیں۔ اب اچھا پہنے کا دل کرتا ہے ۔ خوشی ہوتی ہے کے میں نے اپنے لیے بہترین فیصلہ کیا۔

S Zafar

سلام عليڪم  مان لاڙڪاڻي کان ھڪ سنڌياڻي آھيان مهنجو وزن 94 ڪلو ھو مان تمام گهڻي ڪوشش تہ وزن گھٽجي پر مان ناڪام رهيس پوء آخر ڊاڪٽر تنوير رازي سان رابطو ڪيو جنھن مکي سرجري جو مشورو ڏنو مون کي تمام گهڻو مطمئن ڪيو آخر مون ۾ آپريشن ڪرائڻ جو حوصلو پيدا ٿيو پهريان ته ڏاڍو ڊڄان پئي پر گھڻي سوچَ ويچار  کانپوءِ سرجري لاءِ تيار ٿيس پهريان ڊاڪٽر ٽيسٽون ڪرايون پوء آپريشن جي تاريخ ملي آخرڪار آپريشن ٿيو مُونکي ڪا خبر نه پئي ڪا تڪليف نه آئي جڏهن روم تي آندو ويو ته جلدي واڪ لاءِ اٿاريو ويو ما ا ٿي واڪ ڪئي ڪا به خاص تڪليف نہ پي ٿي پوء اڌ اڌ ڪلاڪ کانپوء واڪ ڪيان پئي پوء ٻئي ڏينهن تي موڪل ملي پو  لڪوڍ غذا تي هيس طبيعت بہ ٺيڪ ھئي آهستي آهستي مان ٺيڪ ٿيندي وائيس ڊاڪٽر صاحب تمام سُٺو تعاون ڪرڻ وارو آھي هاڻي مونکي 3 مهينا ٿيا آهن مان بلڪل ٺيڪ آهيان وزن به تمام هلڪو محسوس ڪيان ٿي مان وڌيڪ خوش آهيان توهانجو بہ اگر  وزن وڌيل آهي تہ اِها سرجري ڊاڪتر تنوير کان ڪرايو هن سرجري جو جو بہ نقصان نہ آهي ڪا تڪليف نه آھي

Qamar Nisa

یرا وزن بڑھتا جا رہا تھا اور میں بارڈر لائن ذیابطیس 6.2 پر تھا۔ سمجھوتے والی زندگی گزار رہا تھا نہ نماز پڑھ پاتا تھا صحیح سے نہ واش روم میں بیٹھ پاتا تھا۔ رات کو نیند بھی بہت خراب تھی مجھے سلیپ اپنیا تھا اور خراٹوں کا مسئلہ بھی تھا ۔ ان سب مسائل کا حل مجھے بس یہی لگتا تھا کے اب سرجری کروا لینی چاہیے ہے۔ دس سال پہلے کوشش کی تھی وزن کم کرنے کی اور اس میں کامیاب بھی ہوا تھا مگر وہ پھر بڑھ گیا۔ اس بار بہت کوشش کے اور جم جانے کے باوجود میں ناکام رہا ۔ پھر ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی سے ملاقات ہوئی دل کو اطمینان ہوا ۔ انہوں نے روٹین کے ٹیسٹ لکھے آپ شوگر کے ٹیسٹ کا لیول 9.5 آیا ۔ یہ بہت ہی خطرناک حالت تھی اور اس نے ذہن کو بالکل ماؤف کردیا۔ میرا کلینک متاثر ہورہا تھا۔ ڈاکٹر نے کہا معمولی درد ہوگا۔ میرا تجربہ اس سے زیادہ اچھا رہا مجھے کوئی تکلیف نہیں ہوئی ۔ اگلے دن سے ہی بلڈ پریشر کی دوا بند ہو گئی۔ بلڈ شوگر نارمل ہے بغیر دوا اور انسولین کے۔ ہارٹ ریٹ میرا پہلے بہت زیادہ رہتا تھا اب وہ بھی ٹھیک رہتا ہے۔ اور چلنا پھرنا بہت بہتر ہوگیا نماز پڑھنا اٹھنا بیٹھنا سب بہت اچھا ہوگیا ہے کپڑے پہننا اچھا لگتا ہے۔ پہلے بار بار پیشاب کے لئے اٹھنا پڑتا تھا اب چھے ساتھ گھنٹے آرام سے سوتا ہوں۔ لوگ کہتے ہیں کے آپ لڑکا لگنے لگے ہیں۔ میں بہت اچھی، صحت مند اور سکون والی زندگی گزار رہا ہوں اللہ اس میں برکت ڈالے آمین۔ ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی ایک بہت ہی شاندار آدمی ہیں بہت ہی ماہر سرجن ہیں ۔ انکے ساتھ میں فالو اپ میں رہا اور انکی ساری ہدایت پر عمل کیا۔ یہ بہت ضروری ہے کہ ہم اپنے ڈاکٹر کی ہدایت پر عمل کریں۔ ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی بہت تفصیل سے سمجھاتے ہیں عام زبان میں۔ تین مہینے گزرنے کے بعد پوسٹ سرجری ٹیسٹ کروائے ہیں میرا آپریشن کے تیسرے مہینے والا شوگر کے ٹیسٹ کا5.8  ہوگیا ہے بغیر کسی دوا کے اور میرا کولیسٹرول بھی صحیح ہوگیا ہے۔ میرا آپکو مشورہ ہے یہ بہت سستا سودا ہے

Kaleem Khan

میرا بیریاٹرک سرجری کا تجربہ بہت اچھا رہا۔ ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی میرے ڈاکٹر ہے جنھوں نے لمحہ بہ لمحہ میری رہنمائ کی۔  میری سرجری کو چارماہ ہو چکے ہیں لیکن اب تک ڈاکٹر صاحب اور ان کی ٹیم مجھے گائیڈ کرتے رہتے ہیں۔ اس سرجری کے ذریعے مجھے زندگی کی نئی امید اور امنگ ملی۔ پہلے مجھے بہت سی مشکلات کے ساتھ لوگوں کے منفی رویوں کا سامنا کرنا پڑتا تھا لیکن الحمداللہ اب پورے اعتماد کے ساتھ میں سب کا سامنا کرتی ہوں۔ مجھے ہر کام میں خوشی محسوس ہوتی ہے چاہےوہ سفر ہو یا گھر کا کوئ بھی کام۔ اب میں خود کو بہت جوان محسوس کرتی ہوں۔ موٹاپہ کم ہونے سے میں نےبہت سی بیماریاں جیسے نیند کا نہ آنا،، گھبراہٹ ،، کولیسٹرول سے اب میں محفوظ ہوں اور اب میں بہت خوش ہوں۔ زندگی اچھی لگنے لگی ہے۔ خودکو آ ئینہ میں دیکھنا اچھا لگتا ہے بلکہ دلچسپ بات یہ ہے کہ اب میں آلتی پالتی مار کر بھی بیٹھ جاتی ہوں جبکہ پہلے ایک کرسی پہ بیٹھنا بھی مشکل ہوتا تھا میری آپ سب سے گزارش ہے کہ اگر آپ موٹاپے سے پریشان ہیں تو فوری ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی سے رجوع کریں اور زندگی جو کہ اللہ کی بہت بڑی نعمت ہے اس سے بھرپور لطف اٹھائیں اور خوش رہیں ۔۔۔

Yasmeen K

“My weight was 110 kg. I am 3 months post gastric sleeve surgery and 22.5 kg lighter. Now I weigh 87.5 kg The day of my gastric sleeve surgery was a life changing day for me. I am very much blessed and happy. I am having a continuous great experience  with Dr Tanvir Raazi Ahmad , he is doing a marvelous job. Jazak Allah khair.”

N Sabir

I’m 33 years old mother of a a toddler. I was always bulkier than the girls of my age. Never a binge eater or a fan of junk food. But still, it was saddening to see my chubby teenage self turning into a fatty girl. Forget about the bullying or embarrassment I was made to feel by age friends or family. But gradually I started having serious health issues. I am a working woman so sleep apnea was the issue causing my work quality damage. Because I wasn’t able to sleep well so as a result, I was not performing well.
High blood pressure was another issue I had to face and I avoided taking medicines. I was kind of scared to take those medicine lifelong. My family medical history has cardiac issues & diabetes so I was sure to get them as well.
BUT luckily My sister suggested to me Bariatric Surgery. She booked an appointment for me with Dr. Tanvir. He explained everything very well and we decided to have this surgery.  I was diagnosed with stones in the gallbladder so I was planned to have sleeve gastrectomy along with gallbladder removal. I had my operation on 3rd March 2020 and next day I was home. I can say it was one of the best decisions I could make for myself.
I was 110 kg on my surgery day & today in August I’m 78 kg & I can’t narrate enough about my nonscale victory. Within a week of surgery my sleep apnea was gone I slept like a baby after ages. I feel more energetic and focused throughout the day. I can enjoy myself with my toddler without having fear of knee pain or back pain. I wake up quite fresh Alhamdulillah. My face glows with happiness and energy.

Dr T Bano

“At the age of 36, due to my obesity, I lost interest in myself. Was gaining weight each day while the only solace was food. I stopped meeting people and started avoiding weddings and get- together parties as I did not feel like getting dressed. Anyway, I still managed to move on slowly and gradually, however, fate had something else in store for me! I developed an unusual pain in the right side of my gut. Concerned, I showed myself to a doctor, he ran a few tests and was worried about my debilitating health. The worst part was the more I felt blue, the more I ate .On constant push from my family I took to watching weight reduction videos on You tube. I got hooked on to them. One day, while zapping the channels, I came across a surgery that was meant to fight obesity. That instilled a bleak hope in me. I went on exploring clinics / hospitals where these surgeries were performed .Met many doctors but my apprehension was not letting me go under the knife. During this time, I met Dr Tanvir. His concerned, polite and expertise appealed to me greatly .I discussed my problem in detail and was responded with, with the same seriousness .He suggested that I should undergo mini –gastric bypass. I got it done in June 2021  and within a fortnight fell in love with my new self !
I was 139 kg prior to the surgery and within a short span of 20 days I came down to 120 kg ..the progress did not stop there after two months of the procedure I’m now 100kgs ..I look different completely. My clothes are now too loose on me .Seems like Magic!!
So let me tell you about how did the surgery go..I reached the hospital around 630am on Thursday 24 th June. My vitals were taken and was then taken to OT.
Met Dr Tanveer and the anaesthetist and was quite relaxed.
I came round after the surgery and was shifted to the room .There was a slight pain which subsided after taking pain killers .I was better by the evening and the next day was on my feet again .Drove myself back home on Friday around 2pm.
It can be called a lunch break surgery as I felt a little uncomfortable only for a day and then Alhamdolilah was quickly back to normal .
I will highly recommend Dr Tanveer and his competent team to all those who are still in two minds .The results will exceed your expectations!

S Mohsin

“My journey to weight loss
It all started about six years ago When I started to go to the gym to lose the weight that I had gained after having four children that made me gain quite a few pounds. Although I gym around six years with a strict diet, I wasn’t able  lose lotta weight. And then the time came when I became frustrated for not having to lose any weight after all the hard work and strict diet.
Then I came to know about the surgery that one of my relatives went through
And lost about 40 kg. However, just thinking about the surgery itself made me quite scared and anxious that what might happen and how it will affect my lifestyle. Anyway I was referred to Dr. Tanvir by my relative to discuss all the fear and anxieties I was having.
Once I met Dr. Tanvir and discussed the procedure, which he himself recommended my worries sidelined and I found myself ready for the procedure. Just before surgery, I was called to the hospital and was given preliminary instructions by Dr. Tanvir and he instructed me to come to the hospital on the day of the surgery early in the morning.  The whole procedure took about 2 1/2 hours and I was back in the room in about four hours. In the next 24 hours I received an extra ordinary care from the Dr. Tanvir staff and by himself. They made me drink lotta water and and make me walk as needed.
What I didn’t know at the time that the best part was still to come as post surgery care. Of course every doctor maintains the  files and records of patients, but what really special about Dr. Tanvir and his team is that he follows every day patients after the surgery. They personally inquire about daily recommended diet and and encourages them to overcome any shortcomings on daily basis.  It’s like you have your own personal dietitian guiding you to do and don’ts to make you stay healthy and recover fast.
With the grace of Allah SWT, I was able to lose 15 KG just in two months. I’m so thankful to my husband & sister for being there all this time when I needed them most and for their encouragement. Also, I highly appreciate the professional attitude and competence by Dr. Tanvir and his teams personal care about all the patients after post surgery. Anyone thinking about going through the procedure of weight loss through the surgery, I highly recommend that he/she must see Dr. Tanveer to evaluate the options

N Adnan

“Never written reviews, but this was well deserved .Billion thanks to Dr. Tanvir Raazi who did my Gastric sleeve Surgery .I heard about Dr. Tanvir Raazi a lot, and decided to meet regarding my weight loss journey. As nothing was working out in regards to my weight loss. And finally I met Dr. Tanvir…the way Dr. Tanvir explained me about the surgery and it’s fruitful effects, I just decided and had my Gastric sleeve Surgery on 25-9-2021without giving a second thought. This was the best decision in my life I ever made. Was discharged on my own decision on the very same day…..was perfectly fine. AlhumdulilAllah. No incision pain at all. Had my surgery at Pasha Clinic, I got all facilities under one roof at Pasha Clinic. Highly trained staff who was on toes for their patients. Never have felt that happier or confident in my own skin, as I lost 7-8 kg in a month. Dr. Tanvir I am so  great full to have undergone surgery from u and thankful for all u have done. God bless U…Wish u health, happiness and more success. I would greatly recommend him. Thanks

R Iqbal

“I had bariatric Sleeve Surgery on 18th July 2020.
Before Surgery my weight was 134.7Kg
currently my weight is 93Kg
I lost Almost 42Kg in 10 months
My life has completely changed. Before surgery I  had sugar, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, knee pain. Now I don’t have these problems Allhamdulillah. Now I’m living a very healthy and a problem free life. This is the most effective treatment for obesity.
Initially after surgery, I was in pain but day by day my pain went away. After a week I was able to join office.
The special thing in my life after surgery is that I am very much active, I also have a lot more energy and looking young as well. I am very much satisfied and I don’t have any regrets.
Doctor Tanvir Raazi is a great doctor, he supported me a lot, even now he is supporting me when I need him.
My overall experience is very very good.

Z Abbas

“I had Mini gastric bypass by Dr. Tanvir Raazi two and half years ago with an excellent outcome.
My BMI was 35 with mild Sleep apnea, gout , pre diabetic with raised intracranial pressure. I consulted Dr Tanvir, he explained the procedure very well. The surgery underwent very nicely without any complications.
After 2 and half years I am free with all above problems. My life is full of energy and health Alhamdulillah
Big Thanks to Dr. Tanvir and Allah

Verified Patient

میں نے موٹاپے، شوگر اور خراٹوں کی بیماری کی وجہ سے جولائی 2020 میں گیسٹرک بائی پاس کروایا تھا۔ ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی موٹاپے کے آپریشن کے ماہر اور انگلینڈ سے تربیت یافتہ ہیں۔پہلے میرا وزن 115 کلو تھا اور شوگر ناشتہ سے پہلے 180 اور 200 کے درمیان ہوتی تھی۔ اب الحمدللہ میرا وزن 87 کلو ہو گیا ھے اور شوگر 90 تک ھے۔ آپریشن کے چوتھے دن میری انسولین اور شوگر کی دوائیں بند ہوگئی تھیں۔ اب میں تھوڑا بہت میٹھا بھی کھاتا ہوں۔ میں بغیر رکے کراچی سے ملتان گاڑی ڈرائیو کر لیتا ہوں۔ اب میں کپڑے خریدنا اور پہننا انجوائے کرتا ہوں۔ لوگوں نے مجھے آپریشن سے بہت ڈرایا لیکن اللہ کا شکر ہے کہ میں نے فیصلہ کرنے میں دیر نہیں لگائی اور اب میں اپنے آپ کو بہت بہتر محسوس کر رہا ہوں۔


I have lost almost 14.7kg in approximately 2 1/2 months and I still have to loose more Inshallah. It is a life changing experience, I feel quite good and confident now. I have never tried dieting before. I use to feel that I couldn’t loose any weight. From the past few months I started having knee joint pain which was so unbearable that I was unable to pray, at that time I was very depressed as I am just 40 years old. Now Alhamdulillah I have no pain in my knee joint and I can pray quite comfortably, I don’t need to sit and pray anymore.
Overall experience of the surgery is good, as it is only day care procedure, I have taken 4 days for leave from my hospital. It wasn’t a new experience with Dr Tanveer as I knew him before regarding some surgical issues for my daughter. My husband before meeting Dr Tanveer was not convinced for any kind of surgery of weight loss but as he met Dr. Tanveer he  was quite convinced. After that meeting he insisted me to go for the surgery as he felt more satisfied and convinced with Dr. Tanveer. 

I really felt the love, care, passion and professionalism in Dr. Tanvir’s behavior.

S Siddiqui

اسلام و علیکم 

میں ایک ہاؤس وائف ہوں ۔

بڑھتے وذن سے بہت پریشان تھی۔

پری ڈائبیٹک ہو چکی تھی۔

ڈاکٹر تنویر رازی کا پتا چلا ان سے مشورے کے بعد بہت ہمت کر کے سرجری (گیسٹرک بائپاس ) کروایا۔ 

میں 14 سال سے دمے کے مرض میں مبتلا تھی مگر سرجری کے بعد سب پتا ہی نہی چلا کب دمہ ختم ہوا اور اب بہت سی چیزیں بہتر ہو رہی ہیں ۔

سرجری کروانا میرے لیے بہت مفید ثابت ہوا اور میں بہت مطمئن ہوں۔

میرا وزن 89 کیلو تھا سرجری کو دو ماہ ہی ہوے ہیں اور وزن 75 کیلو ہو گیا ہے ۔ انشااللہ آگے اور بہتری آۓ گی ۔

سچ میں وزن ایک بہت بڑی بیماری ہے۔

A Asim

Dr Tanveer Raazi is a great doctor always ready to guide and help his patients. I am very satisfied and glad I chose him for my sleeve surgery. I lost 8kg in 2 months. After surgery my asthma problem is also much better than before. I feel more active and energetic. The staff has been very friendly and encouraging at my recovery level.
I appreciate and highly recommend Doctor Obesity clinic.

S Tanvir

“Being a doctor people often expect you to be physically fit, achieving that always  seemed to be a dream to me. I have been obese since childhood and had always been targeted for my weight this took a toll not only on my physical but mental state. I got sleeved just 15 days back and have lost 8 kg. I found Dr. Tanvir Raazi and his team not only competent but all of them are great human beings. The kind of support and guidance that they individually provide to every patient is commendable. This procedure is the first step to change your life. I highly recommend the procedure and the surgeon.

Dr. M Butt

I got my gastric sleeve surgery from Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad.  The surgery was successful  and I have lost 18kgs in 4months. Before I was trying to lose weight through dieting and exercising but I kept on gaining weight almost 10kgs every 3-4months. I became isolated and antisocial with severe psychological impact. Being a doctor it started to impact my career and overall health. I have gained back my confidence with bariatric surgery and reversed my PCOs, hyperlipidemia , hyperinsulinemia and fatty liver. I am much more active and positive in life now.
I am incredibly thankful to Dr. Tanvir and his team. He is always there for guidance. I would highly recommend an expert like him for bariatric surgery.

Dr. S Mateen

مهنجو نالو سيد گلاب شاه آهي

مهنجو تعلق سِنڌ صوبي جي لاڙڪاڻي ضلع سان آهي مهنجو وزن پهريان تقريباً 131 ڪلو هيو مان 12\01\2022  تي سليو سرجري ڪرائي اڄ مهنجو وزن  103 ڪلو آهي

هلڻ ڦرڻ آسان آهي چيلهه جو سور ختم ٽنگن جو سور ختم ازدواجي طبيعت بلڪل صحي آهي ۽ پوزيشن  خاص ٽيم جو وڌي واڄڻ  مطلب هر هڪ شي اسان آهي ڏاڪڻ تي چڙهڻ پنڌ ڪرڻ نماز پڙهڻ جهڙوڪ هر ايڪسرسائز آسان آهي مهنجو وزن تقريباً سوا ٻن مهينن ۾ 28 ڪلو گهٽ ٿيو آهي اڃان بہ وڌيڪ چانس آهن 

مان هر شي کائي سگهان ٿو چانور دال گوشت مرغي کير ڏهي محيو گوشت ڳائو گوشت ٻاڪرو گوشت شامي ڪباب هر طرح سان فٽ آهيان جڻ مان 18 سالن جو نوجوان ڇوڪرو آهيان

Syed Gulab Shah

میرا نام سلیم احمد ہے۔ اور میں نے 22 فروری کو گیسٹرک بائے پاس کا آپریشن ڈاکٹر تنویر راضی احمد سے کروایا تھا۔ آپریشن کے وقت میرا وزن 133 کلو تھا۔ آپریشن سے پہلے مجھے چلنے میں کافی تکلیف ہوتی تھی ۔ میرے گھٹنوں میں درد رہتا تھا۔ نماز بیٹھ کر پڑھتا تھا۔ سانس لینے میں بہت دکت ہوتی تھی ۔ اور بھوک بہت لگتی تھی۔ آپریشن کا ایک مہینے بعد ہی اب الحَمدُ اللّٰہ کافی بہتری ہے۔ چلنے پھرنے میں بہت آرام ہے۔ نماز بھی کھڑے ہوکر پڑھ رہا ہوں۔ ہلکا پھلکا محسوس کرتا ہوں۔ اب نارمل کھانا بھی کھا رہا ہوں۔ خراٹے بھی کم ہوگئے ہیں ۔ نیند بھی بہت اچھی آرہی ہے۔ 12 کلو وزن کم ہوگیا ہے اور آگے بھی اچھے سے کم ہوگا انشاءاللّٰہ۔

Saleem Ahmed

“Aoa, my name is Sadaf Tariq. I am 46 years old and a practising dentist. I have been a PCOS patient throughout my life. The journey of losing weight with immense trying and getting it back was always very painful with disturbed hormones. Being an obese person is not good it breaks you physically, emotionally, and medically as well you don’t enjoy the quality of your life, it took me 5 years to  convince myself and my family for my surgery I got my mini gastric bypass done from Dr Tanvir Raazi Ahmad my bypass journey was very smooth it was not that painful as I suspected, switching of food from liquids to solids was slow otherwise I don’t have any issues I lost 10 kg in 1 month and Iam hopeful to loose more InshaAllah. Overall I am pretty happy with my experience up till now.

Dr. Sadaf Tariq

یرا نام شاکرا ریحان ہے۔   میں نے ساری زندگی موٹاپے کا سامنا کیا اور بہت سٹرُگل کی وزن کم کرنے کی۔ میں نے بہت سارے ڈایٹ پلان فالو کیے بہت دفعہ جم  جوائن کیے۔  بہت محنت اور مشکلوں سے وزن کم کیا مگر ہمیشہ واپس آ گیا۔  پھر مجھے مینی گیسٹرک بائے پاس کا پتہ چلا اور میں نے کچھ لوگوں میں زبردست رزلٹ دیکھے تو سوچا یہ ہی بہترین علاج ہے۔ کافی عرصہ سوچا اور پیسے جمع کیے اور پھر ڈاکٹر تنویر راضی سے ملی۔ ڈاکٹر سے ملتے ہی میں نے فائنل فیصلہ کیا۔ اور مجھے یہ پروسیجر کروائے دس دن ہوچکے ہیں۔ میرا وزن 100 کلو گرام تھا۔ اس پروسیجر کے صرف دس دن بعد ہی میرا وزن 90 کلو ہوگیا ہے ۔ اور مجھے کوئی سائڈ افیکٹ نہیں محسوس ہو رہے۔ مجھے خوشی ہے کہ میں نے یہ فیصلہ کیا اور 10 کلو وزن کم بھی ہوگیا ہے۔ اور میں ان سب لوگوں کو کہوں گی جن کا وزن زیادہ ہے آپ زیادہ نہ سوچیں اور یہ پروسیجر کروائیں کیوں کہ موٹاپا ہزار بیماریوں کی جڑ ہے

Shakera Rehan

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