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The Benefits of Exercise

The Benefits of Exercise

The primary key to living a happy life is to live a healthy life. Where there is health, there is happiness. Maintaining health isn’t difficult. There are few essential things you need to take care of in your daily routine and find different reasons to exercise. Health and fitness should be balanced with a happy life; Consume as much as you like but don’t forget to burn your acquired calories too. Hence, one should make a habit of practicing regular physical activities in your daily routine. Listed below are the essential benefits of exercise.

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Weight management

A healthy lifestyle involves balancing the amounts of calories you have consumed through your diet with the number of workouts. It is essential that there are no additional calories acquired from your unhealthy diet accumulate in your body which may otherwise cause weight gain. Therefore, there should be an equal amount of workout through various forms of regular physical activities like walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, and gyms, etc., to maintain good and healthy body weight.

Proven data for medical benefits

A moderate to the vigorous amount of regular physical activity has been proven to show many health benefits, especially for: Cardiovascular health, Diabetes, Stroke, Dementia, Cancers like colon, bladder, breast, kidney, lung, and stomach, Osteoarthritis, and hip fractures. Weight management is one of the necessities required for the prevention of metabolic syndrome.

Better sleep

Exercise is an energy-depleting physical activity, and it depends upon the intensity of your exercise. The quality and quantity of sleep alter according to the amount of your daily physical activity. You may have noticed that you enjoy good quality and relaxing sleep after a stressful day at work. This is because the energy you have consumed during the whole day is re-boosted during sleep. The rise in temperature during exercise is dropped during sleep to help you relax. Studies have shown that 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week can provide up to 65% improvement in sleep quality.

Strengthen bones and muscles

A good habit of regular exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles during adolescence and adult life. This is because bone density increases by regular physical activity, preventing osteoporosis and weakened bones in old age. Similarly, your muscles work up during physical activity, which helps maintain and increase muscle mass. A gradual and repetitive physical activity helps strengthen your muscle and prevents age-related muscle loss.

Increase chances of living longer

The improvement of overall general health enables a healthy lifestyle. People with regular physical activity habits at least 150 minutes per week have an overall 33% lower risk of all-cause mortality than those with physical inactivity. This is because there is a reduction of dying from health problems that may otherwise arise from physical inactivities like weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases.


Beneficial mental health effects

It improves mood and makes you feel happier

One of the most commonly observed positive mental health effects of exercise is the improvement of one’s’ mood. Exercise stimulates the brain’s specific areas that release neuronal hormones like endorphins, making us feel happy. It also stimulates epinephrine and norepinephrine, which relieves the symptoms of depression. The amount of exercise doesn’t matter. Your brain area is stimulated by any amount or type of physical activity.

Relieves depression

Exercise has been proven beneficial for treating depression by producing similar effects as anti-depressants without any side-effects. This being an additional benefit. According to a recent study done by the Harvard School of Public Health, exercise has been shown to decrease the rate of depression by 26%. Exercise promotes neuronal growth and reduces inflammation, hence promotes feelings of calmness and well-being. It also breaks the cycle of negative thoughts of depression.

Relieves anxiety

Anxiety is simply a stream of endless thoughts running in your mind. A start of any physical activity can interrupt this chain of worrisome thoughts and relieve your anxiety. Exercise helps release calming hormones called endorphins that help boost up your mood.

Relieves stress

One of the most typical stress symptoms is muscle stiffness, especially that of the head, face, neck, and shoulders—physical activity and exercise help relieve muscles and relieve tension in the body. Relief of body tension helps relieve tension and stress in your mind.


Hence, the benefits of exercise are immense. Physical fitness not only provides benefits toy uor body but also plays the role of improving mental health. Exercise boosts you up, improves your mood, relieves stress, improves your pain tolerance, and prevents deterioration of health.

Where there is health, there is happiness and life. One should acquire a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity to remain healthy, wealthy, and wise. 

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